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The love of sports cars is one of my favorite topics. There are so many but out of the various types, the Ford Cobra Mustang is one to contend with. The fifth generation mustangs according to Wikipedia; the GT500 5.0 liter V8 gained eight horsepower. The body of the Cobra Mustang is beyond words with some designed with nitro-us that comes out of the snake emblem. An eighty thousand dollar car with lights on the outside and inside of the car. Another appealing addition are the lights on the inside including on the base board gives a consumer the ability to change the color from purple to blue to green etc……The sixth generation Mustangs which includes the 2016 seems to have a shorter body and reminds me of some type of hatchback. I am sure the inside is very appealing though.

Then, don’t know if anyone has heard but they have now designed the new Trans-Am. Burt Reynolds does the commercial for it. Absolutely sweet!! This car reminds me of a cross between a Trans-Am and the new Chevy Camaro. They claimed as first that they would only make seven of them; now they are claiming a new release date for all. This car has been said to go from zero to sixty miles per hour in two second and just like the Mustang, there will be a V6 and V8. The V8’s capability of having a limit of 155 miles per hour with quicker acceleration.

Let’s hear from some sports car enthusiasts! I am very excited to learn much more about several other types of sports cars.

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