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October 30, 2016 at 4:03 pm

Meditation puts down a great foundation to Success. It grooms mental soil for the  seeds of abundance (if you decide so) 

Meditation does away negative thinking and gets rid of damaging emotion from your head. You will not do away with all negative thoughts after meditating once, however with continuous meditation you will progress to such a state.

You will notice that following meditation, you feel peaceful.

There are not a lot of thoughts circling in your brain and feel harmony inside. Occasionally you will get into deep meditation (theta state).  You will get so disengaged from your brain that you will get aligned with the universe. With additional practice of meditation, your intuition will heighten. You will acquire stronger feelings from inside warning you or spuring you to take some actions. The most crucial change that you will go through is clear thinking. You will understand precisely what to do and how to go about any given state of affairs.

Mediation is a devotion exercise and require time and tranquility for it to take place. To have a very efficient meditation, you must be avoiding distraction from the environment you are meditating in. That means meditation require a quiet environment especially the deep meditation.

October 30, 2016 at 7:21 pm

Yes you say right but meditation is most important in hum=man life because it solves many human problems anon just like magic. But here lies a question on which pint to meditate is the problem and burning question to the past and present.

There are many peoples who meditate but they do not  how to meditate and on which thing to meditate. I advise the readers to meditate on four things: fire, and water, air and earth, with mixture of these four things the whole creation of this universe even heaven and hell.

Each of the element has its own a vast world that is very wonderful for example if you take water, heat it it will evaporate, but its base is water, it will freeze, its base is water, it will fly turning into smoke. its base is water. ..electricity base is water…

Those who ponder over these four elements know the cause of every secret of nature and are called the king on earth and respected every here.  Do meditate but on these four things to know the universe.