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May 7, 2018 at 10:49 am

Any material under study is called a system. Chemists in general are interested in the study of chemical or material systems. When we study a chemical system,we first observe and describe its properties. If we want to group different kinds of matter,we should lo0k for similarities and differences in their instrinsic properties. These are properties that are permanent or that depend on the kind of substance itself. For example, we kn0w that pure water is c0l0rless and is a liquid at room temperature; does n0t burn,freezes at 0’c, and boils at 100’C at sea level. Carbon dioxide is a colorless ,odorless gas at room temperature and does not burn. Ethanol, the common alcohol,is very volatile and inflammble. These intrinsic properties describe each substance. These properties do not chage for different samples of the pure substance.