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September 24, 2016 at 10:22 pm

Photoshop cs6

Hey there photo people, graphic designers, logos makers, app developers. Yeah I know its pretty much a wide span; I just thought I wanted to drop in my topic on a little about using Photoshop cs6 and how one could get a more cleaner look and quality.

First i started out using Photoshop from cs3-cs4-cs5 and now I’m in the cs6 Extended/ Essential portable, “Yes portable”. Now with this application you can work from multiple devices, load from a USB unto a computer without being installed on the device its being operating on. I like using my portable, as it makes some things a little more easier; like, in cases where you might have to go back and forth, working from multiple devices, ‘ yeaahh right, multiple devices!,’ ‘maybe you do might wanna give that one a try for a change’.

Using Photoshop cs6

Let me first imply that I’m not a certified graphic designer nor a pro in using Photoshop nor any other software or applications of its kind; its just the love of art and making my own designs, but I do have a couple I could share on how to, for starters and even a little that some pros could emphasize on as handy points, as this topic proceeds to prolong upon using Photoshop and in achieving quality looks in editing, picture, graphics and more to come further on, in future blog or post. Okay now i’m going to open my PhotoshopCS6_13.0.1.1_Portable and start a new file.

Software installed or portable application.

Now in order to start making your own designs using Photoshop, first you have you either have its software installed on your PC, Laptop or any other device its functionally operated on.

Ready to open up Photoshop, so lets get started !

Here you get to choose in different ways how arrange your file and customize your work to act in a more feasible manner, you could also go along with templates as it draw no boundaries in creating and editing using Photoshop cs6. Adjust file size, height and width, resolution and more as long as you comprehend your reasons in doing so.

This is how your is interface or workspace is going to look like from this picture linked here above whenever you open up a new file in Photoshop.

My next is on opening a file …viewing its background layer.

You can now see that theirs been a background added on to start play around with a little, if you wanna put it like that. You can start applying designs to a background if that’s the idea that comes to mind or you can placing layers, copy and pasting multiple images adding to creating your own design or master piece. There’s so much to delve in on different ways in using Photoshop enhancing your clarity in editing graphics or photos of all kind. Ill keep it simple for now here on this topic on using Photoshop as a starter, next topic Ill share will be on making layers copy and pasting images unto a layer.

I hope you find my topic in some way of help, feel free to ask any questions, raise a topic, comment, like or share thanks for your humble view.

September 29, 2016 at 11:41 pm

Photoshop is really in these days. I see jobs for people who are good in photo shop its the talk of the time now i will learn from your site in couple if days.

September 30, 2016 at 10:50 pm

Photoshop had always had its full share of the digital era and it’s say for long term/history’s in reference to photo, photo editing, graphic design to all sorts from video editing, picture slides etc.

Theres never been a time in time where you’d find Photoshop in extinct or gone exiled regardless of the stringent up and down turns in development of graphical applications been made on today’s market place.

Photoshop is mainly used today by the pros in the business of making quality graphics design, whether if it’s editing photo or videos, theres Always a whole lot to learn on using Photoshop.

Hope you find my thoughts helpful, thanks for your comment javeria Nadeem, as I’m great ful.

October 3, 2016 at 2:27 am

Lessons 2 on how to create quality photos in Photoshop cs6 



unlock background layer

To unlock a background layer first you have to right click on the highlighted background layer, after that you’ll see a pop up with some options like duplicate layer, merge layer, delete layer, flatten image; search for layer to background, you’ll see that it is converted to a value of just layer 0. Now its a possibility to have a background layer that can be moved around or say do a little more ‘to’ than just the ordinary background layer.


  1. right click background .
  2. choose layer to background.



Adding a layers

Photoshop background layer      First:

  1. go to the top in taskbar you see layer/ new/ layer
  2. go to layers panel at the bottom of layers panel


How to add a layer in Photoshop is very easy and can be done in a couple of ways; here’s how you can add a layer to your project in cases where you might want to place some thing in-front or behind, transform in different sizes or perhaps adding multiple images to one layer if that’s what was desired to.

Layer can be added from the layers panel, located at the bottom of the panel, along with it comes a few more things like; link layers, fx, adjustment fill, group layers, masking, and deleting layers button to click on. If having any trouble finding where to locate the layers panel if not seen on the work area, search in windows at the top of you taskbar, there you’ll see layer and any other panel that you’d like to see when working on your project.

working with layers makes it more easier to play around when editing photos or videos in Photoshop, ‘its like kind of a lil non-destructive way in a way to re-adjust your editing.’ Adding layers can be a good start in tapping spice to your work, as there’s a lot a other styles that can be applied in achieving quality in looks, using Photoshop cs6.

My next topic here is going to be on copy and pasting, adding images to a layer and looking on some of the tools used in Photoshop. Thanks for reading I hope you find my topics to be interested as i’m always great full.