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December 16, 2016 at 12:35 pm

Poetic writings can be any imaginative writings that are being organized in a pattern of lines may be a poem. The lines regularly rhyme, however not always. Almost all poems have rhythm. In addition, poets usually use phrases in approaches that get you to observe and feel matters in a unique way.

We normally divide poetry into major types: the narrative poems and the lyric poems. Narrative poems inform a tale. One of the oldest sorts of narrative poem is the epic. An epic is an extended verse story that commonly tells approximately a hero and the adventures of the hero.

Lyric poems endorse an emotion or feeling. They may be normally shorter than narrative poems. The Japanese haiku is a form of lyric poem. Its miles best 17 syllables lengthy.

Lately, some new poets have their own style or approach of writing or the so- called freestyle poem writing. Poets write their own poems without rhyming the words or lines. Write as they think.

Anyone can be a poet. As long as you have the passion to express it yourself through writing.