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December 11, 2016 at 7:04 pm

Trees also suffer. They also  feel the pain.It could be shown they way the grow.Those trees  well- cared and loved grow so strong and beautiful.Threes suffer drought if not watered and suffer pain if having tiny cuts done by useless humans.

This Tree in Melancholy

This tree once famous now shattered like a dream
It suffers abuses of time and humanity
Strong storms and torrential rain swept its leaves away

It looks like dying in this wild and deserted land
Who cares?
It is all alone and no one bothers to water in summer
Moisture cannot cure its lonesome appearance
This tree needs someone to shelter beyond
Like lovers, gangsters, stowaway and farmers

It becomes proud to serve them through its fresh air
It would soon stumble down and collapse
To the ground and rot there forever
Then this tree will be remembered in time of need.

Image by Pixabaytree-shaping-16[6][1]

December 11, 2016 at 7:07 pm

This Tree Once Young

Look at this tree
It was how it looks before
Full of life and many desire to watch
It is well-cared and protected

Its shadow is very impressive
Though does not move
But humans are so impressed
This tree was never in distress

As it grows, many seek refuge through its shadow
It releases its magnificent and cool air
It whistles when in gay and merriment
It likes humans to sit upon its roots 5jpDymI
And shelter from the leaves it spreads boastfully.

Image taken by me in Cornwall park, Auckland city, New Zealand



December 11, 2016 at 7:16 pm

Tree is life, so we have to plant at last one tree in our yard . We have to protect our trees. We suffer floods and drought because we cut trees. Let us not denude our forest. Let us report whoever caught trees illegally and even legally.

At the Middle of Truth

As years go by
People changed
Many trees replaced this tree
The once before proud and strong
Now becomes weak and helpless
And ready to stumble

Do people care?
Others care who are true nature-lovers
Others do not care
They seem blind

They just want to take advantage
To this tree once strong, young and healthy
Soon it becomes sickly
And perish forever
And so us humans….
The evidence of being part of nature.

Image Credit by Pixabay