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December 11, 2016 at 12:28 pm

Happy When Near You

Not only me, mostly people all over the world

Feel happy when near someone close at heart

That is how powerful love is

It can make worst better, weak, strong

It widens the imagination to have all plans with love come real

It is an astonishing emotion if taken cared of , life is great

There is always reason to wake up the next day

There is no negativity when love is true

There is no hard life when love is near you

There is always sweet smile painted in the lips

Tomorrow with our love seems promising

Evening is made day with the love that is so sweet

How nice to hear the songs of the sparrow

While both of you hold hands so tight together

Oh, love, why are you that way?

It seems there is always reason to live

It seems there is reason to sacrifice

But when love is hurt everything turns dull

Life will be meaningless at all

The heart that was once full of love and happiness

May turn like the raging storm

The world may shake with the heart’s pain

Why is love that way?

The eyes that glitter in melody may always stay dim and sorrowful

It is not easy to keep the pain in refrain

Tears that fall will be like rain

Tears  may subdue the strongest regret

Why have you betrayed the love you promised to stay forever?

What a terrible pain if love is not anymore beside you

You keep on longing of the yesterday

When heart was full of love and promises

It hurts more and more for the injury cannot be ignored

What will be tomorrow without you?lovely rose

It is not easy to repair a broken heart

Somehow in our lives we have to know

Love could be real or untrue.

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December 11, 2016 at 2:17 pm


What an inspiring poem about love. I must reply this with a short poem also, and it begins here.

Love, love, love

Why can’t I resist you?

Having you near me means a lot

Having you near me makes me right


Sorrows comes but I am fine

For you, my love is at my side

No one can be as you sweetheart

For only you, happiness is found


Your love for me is pure as gold

No one can replace but you alone

Years may come so fast

But our love will ever last.

That’s all. 🙂



December 11, 2016 at 6:45 pm

@Nemzie Bayawa,Thanks dear, very nice poem. I created another for this group is only for poems hehehehe.

Poem: To The One I  Love


I miss your tenderness,

I miss your caresses,

I miss your sweet smiles, your giggles.

In this journey of life,

True love is hard to find,

Yes, love is everywhere,

But hard to be yours eternally.

This heart keeps on sinking,

Like a boat that meets a disaster in the sea,

It struggles to beat naturally,

For it always suffers disgrace of truths.

Come and console me with your tight hug,

Whisper onto my ears you miss and need me too.

But where are you now?

I am alone in this wide world,

Looking and searching for you, love.

Ease this agony, color my world.

With you, there is always hope and tomorrow

Now, that you are no longer mine

This heart will not be the same again.

Love me again.

Image credit by Pixabay31447_533329980040047_702187981_n[1]