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June 26, 2018 at 8:12 am

Before going into the guide using WordPress, you need to know, what is WordPress? Why choose this source code for your website/blog? WordPress is a very popular open source today. Written in PHP combined with MySQL database. WordPress is a CMS (CMS-Content Management System) that is a content management system. WordPress-is-nothing WordPress is a free source code, you can download and install at It’s just like joomla, Drupal … is the leading free CMS. However as you see WordPress CMS is easy to use and the most popular.

So today I will guide you to learn this source detail for, to help you do not specialize in website programmers can still give yourself a website/blog comments. Before going into the instructions yourself more about WordPress plugins. It is the extensions are put into wordpress in order to meet the different functions, there are many different Plugin types, each type will meet a user’s needs.

E.g.: Yoast plugin SEO onpage optimization will help you in SEO …

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1. WordPress Plugin is divided into 2 types Type: usually less error arises, be updated regularly whenever a WordPress upgrade. Free type: provides basic features, like to use the full features usually must upgrade to a premium. in the next article, we will distinguish the and