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December 8, 2016 at 5:28 pm

Information: The name Alexis was my dream man. It took my years to meet someone whose name is Alexis only to feel in dismay for the man I met name Alexis was a gay hehehehehe. I felt the world was put upon my shoulder. After that I stop dreaming of a man whose name is Alexis to be my first boyfriend,LOL . My first boyfriend was named Aquim hahahaha, so far name from Alexis,but  Aquim was a real macho man,LOL, but I was 17 that time so love was not developed.Goodbye yesterday’s love.

Enjoy reading my poem peps, and thanks.

             Song To Alexis

Alexis is a young man ready to gamble
He is so cute and humble
His friends call him babe
He has a baby face and always crave

Alexis you are so gentle, cool, and admirable
Your heart is great and pure
Many girls at your age want to be near you
And love you…

You do not entertain blues in your life
You always want to experience journey

in this world without trouble
You are so friendly and many like you
You always have the burning desire 296563_234468263276482_630627923_n[1]
To grow adorable and life so wonderful
Are you this Alexis?

Image credit by Pixabay