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December 26, 2016 at 6:56 pm

I Just Feel I Need You Now

Why is there a feeling like this?
It seems I am imprisoned
In the thoughts of you
But the feeling is inevitable
All normal people feel this way
It is in my tears that wipes fears
This simply means love
Missing someone not attained
Is like loneliness that never ends…
Where are you now?
Come, show you care
I want to close my eyes
And see you through my dream
I see your eyes sparkle like a silver sand
Facing me while you hold my hand
You whisper tenderly
It stuns me
When you say you miss me too
The same moment when I feel
The sudden feeling of missing you.

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Why is this way? The feeling cannot be controlled missing someone beyond your reach.The feeling is so bad. How we like the one we love be with us especially this time, Christmas time, happy time but heart is longing for someone else out of reach.


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December 30, 2016 at 4:20 pm

We need to be strong…

Yes, true, I need you now. I am alone here. Do comfort me and make my life anew.LOL. What else can I say except to let you know I feel the emptiness now that I am alone in this LB universe. I am so worried about your commitment here as a writer and to your responsibility to reach your goal as price of your total hardship you fight everyday just to reach the bright side of the moon.

Just allow me to write whatever comes to my mind now for there is nothing to refute or interact about the beauty of your soul traverse to mind for we both are busy preparing for the new year set by our Lord.Yes, all of us have a heart that connects to the seven spirits of the Holy Father, the Almighty , so He gave us His son and this month is the celebration of His only begotten son Jesus Christ and all of us or the entire nation celebrate at the utmost veneration. The solemnity of this season brings us sweet and happy melody that soothe direct to our heart.

This time, we temporarily suspend some of our emotions happened in the past for next day is the most important day of our lives. Past is past so whatever we dangled in 2016,would serve as the entry to another hope in 2017.Let us be hopeful no matter what for as long as we live problems of all sorts cannot be avoided.they are part of our existence as proofs that we are the strong soldiers of the Lord. God sends only those brave soldiers in the battle for all these brave never feel defeat.

December 30, 2016 at 4:26 pm

If you happen to drop by, this poem is for you to ponder by…

Your Touch Matters Most To Me

When you touch me my heart sings
Even from a friend or lover
Touch embraces a new feeling
And that is a lovely thing
Humans need touch
A child feels secured if touched
A family is always in harmony
Seeing, touching and hugging each other

A touch brings comfort
It conditions the body
It changes the beating of the heart
If feeling depressed, find someone
To touch and hug you
This is the best medicine
Only few ever unleashed, unseen.

A human touch is a healing touch. What we notice , when someone touches us, holds our hands, we feel the comfort.We feel as if all our burdens and aches slowly vanish. That is the psychological effect of touch.






December 30, 2016 at 4:29 pm

Your Touch Consoles Me Momentarily

I’ll be consoled if touched me more
I’ll no longer hear the roars of the still ocean
I’ll no longer feel my lonely world
I am no longer upset
I am no longer restless

What I feel is your touch
So warm and tender
Your nerves travel to my nerves
Your heart beats like canon
Fighting for democracy
To get the glory and outsmart my beat
I bet, you get me
That is how when you touch me.
  I am sharing you here my poems that relate about touch and its power for we are  celebrating fun and love season, the Christmas season. Merry Christmas 2016 and happy coming 2017