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December 27, 2016 at 7:17 pm


Just simply close your eyes
There you will find peace
You’ll see only void space
It relaxes and sets you free
If you are still in trouble
Though eyes closed
This means your mind is wandering

Make yourself empty with worries
This is the best way to forget tomorrow
This is the best remedy to smash yesterday
You’ll find the instant peace when close your eyes
Sometimes you’ll see images
They are like part of your existence

If tolerated life becomes in trouble

Close your eyes to feel how your heart beats

Listen to how it sinks in its small space

That small space is the entire holder of life

It breaks when we are lost in our way

Give justice to your life

Empty the shell that keeps on hurting you

Connect the feeling to your inner soul

It will surely dictate to release all pangs of life

Let happiness be seen while closing your eyes

In this temporal seconds of closing

Is where you can find peace and see the better you.

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December 28, 2016 at 5:41 pm

Close your eyes and say the word ” Serendipity” to have peace of mind

If feeling tired , just close your eyes and say this word : serendipity which means peace. If feel mind exhausted, there are suggestions from a well known author, so sad, I cannot anymore recall her name. What I cannot forget is her suggestions whenever the self feels so tired and exhausted to a certain sort.

The first suggestion is to close the eyes and see vast rice field, greenfield and or forests. In doing this, we tend to relax the mind  and pave way to a cool feeling. I had tried this, and it was so effective. It really eases my tired feeling and clears my mind from too much thoughts of the day. Make sure you have already seen vast rice fields or green fields. Do this closing of the eyes and imagining them while of course, saying through  the mind the word serendipity, serendipity , serendipity. Say the words three times at 30 seconds interval until you consumed the 3 to five minutes closing of the eyes.

The next move is to close the eyes and listen to a meow music.These ways, do not only eases and ceases burden and tiredness , but they also reduce your blood pressure and the pumping of the heart restores back to its normal beating. Just try whoever happens to read this and having hyper or heart problem. Even if your heart is healthy, you may still observe these ways as a having  a soothing effect to mixed feelings.


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December 30, 2016 at 12:59 am

That word serendipity reminds me of a group of singers who were talking about inner peace. And yes closing your eyes for a minute can be very relacing. Thats what psychologists say. Even when someone is being hypnotized they are usually told to close their eyes and focus, even when you ha e worked really hard its always advisable to close your wyes for a couple of minutes it refreshes you. Closing eyes is actually like a healing, i have tried it several times and ut has worked pretty well. So i agree with you on this one for sure. Thanks for sharing

December 30, 2016 at 9:16 am

Anitah Gimase, Hi?You are right.It is in the closing of our eyes that we can find answer to our problems. It is also from the closing of our eyes where we will know the real meaning of life. I always like to close my eyes.Sometimes, I hate to do it for many things in the past like to flash making me sick of those past hehehe.If the intention is to find inner peace while closing the eyes, it would. Sometimes I close my eyes if I want to recall something I forgot hehehehe. It is indeed our mind that can lead to the right location of the forgotten thing.

It is also in the closing of our eyes that we feel relived with the many moods encountered in the day.hat I notice is, when I immediately go to bed when feeling asleep, irony happens for when I lay on bed, I no longer feel like to sleep,lol. I do not know why.

April 15, 2017 at 5:31 pm

Close your eyes to see the beauty of the world and such would be the source of total peace. I peace is where you find happiness and answers to your unending questions about life. Life is what we make it so whatever lies ahead , at least we have the hints and have another hints what to prepare , come what may.

Close your eyes and explore yonder
The dreams you cherish surely appears
The world will be happy for you
If see in yourself the loveliness
Of your soul and spirit soars high
As you engage with the vibrant rainbows
While stars await the evening to come
For it is their turn to shine with moon
Happy are those lovers of beauty of the world
For the heart is truly at peace
No jealousy can destroy
As long you believe what you see’
As you close your eyes for a moment.

Do it sometimes in your life so you can breath high and when you open your eyes, you are ready to embrace the next episode of life to come.That is life when close your eyes for a moment. Seek refuge through closing your eyes.