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November 7, 2017 at 3:57 pm

Mosquitoes are very much part of any place in the world more so in countries in India. Especially in my place there is a lake and some amount of greenery there are some open drains too. Especially in winter mosquitoes  breed in stagnant pools of water like lakes and they are a serious health problem and  are known to contribute to problems malaria, dengue, chukungunya etc.

The cool weather at our place contributes to the breeding season and increase of mosquitoes. There are many creams like odomos and the like. They are also other natural remedies like dhoop sticks to fog them out. There are products like goodknight and the like which consist of chemical and are unhealthy to children and others in the longrun.

The best bet would be to use natural old methods like dhoop sticks, neem oil, wear full sleave clothes so that they do not bite use  nets etc. It is also  advisable to close windows during evenings for an hour and open the same in the morning for an hour. Mosquitoes tend to get attracted by dark and move out in the morning out or they also tend to hide in dark corners and damp places.

Protect yourself and take care of your health by using different methods which are effective in your surroundings. Wishing you best of health.