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November 7, 2017 at 2:33 pm

Extreme of anything is good for nothing. As the saying goes this same principle applies for being online as well. Let us consider what are the things which are affected by staying online for long duration regularly day in and day out.

1) Our vision is a very important thing which we received as a gift when we were born. Our eyes are our windows to the outside world. If we over strain and stretch utilization of eyes too far looking at the monitor we risk losing our vision gradually. Some of the things which are symptoms of this are dry eye syndrome, myopic vision, color blindness, damage to the retina and the optical nerve.

2) There is a world which is beyond online which is the actual world and the ecosystem which we live in.  Being detached from the same for long periods will affect our other faculties as they are not being utilized to their full potential. This leads to problems in our communication with our family and the outside world. It leads to a unhealthy lifestyle and this inturn affects our body and well being. Some of the health issues faced due to this are psychological, bones becoming brittle, heart beat not being at a healthy rate and the like.

3) We end up getting lonely as we are not having a healthy communication which is very much essential as it works as a outlet to express our opinions and receive instant replies through facial expressions like joy happiness and the like. We will not be in sync with outside world and will lose touch with reality. In the long term these will lead to mental health issues too especially as one ages.

What can one do to solve these, here are some simple solutions which will help one in the short and long run. Do not overdo anything. If  ones work requires one to be with computers if you are good at typing avoiding looking at the screen continuously when typing. Make it a habit to close and open your eyes consciously as this will keep our eyes wet and it does not get dry. Get up and walk in between  and do some physical activity and have a hearty talk and communicate with colleagues tell them why you are doing this. They will understand appreciate and be receptive to what you are doing as it also helps them. Gaze at some picture or grass or a lawn outside for a minute in between.

One more idea would be to close and roll your eyes after washing them with fresh cold water.  There are many more things which you will come to know as you start following these simple steps. One more very important thing is you children will not get addicted to computers and online stuff as they observe you and learn things.