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March 15, 2017 at 11:31 am

Medication has become an integral part of our lives and they are available for different health issues. But in the case people undergoing psychological and psychiatric issues the medicines wary so does the reaction and the state of thinking by the person who is consuming the medicine for different problems he or she may be suffering from. These are a result of mostly chemical imbalance among the chemicals which allow the brain to perform its usual functions by releasing the chemicals naturally through our human biological system.


When there is a shortage of different chemicals which are needed or there is a overdose of what is needed this creates problem for the brain to function in a normal which it would otherwise. Things like altered state of mind, lack of enthusiasm in life, not feeling happy which one would feel otherwise, emotional, sleep, spatial and neuromotor and other such things take place which create problems for the individual who goes through this situation.


The sad part is by the time one knows of become aware of this it takes months or years as earlier he would have been perfectly a normal individual all through his life. Once he comes to know the same from the doctor he goes through volatile emotions plus he also tries to combat his problem, he faces societal pressure and worries about his family and professional life all this builds up the pressure. When some medicines are consumed they take time to react it may be days or months for this and it is trial and error.


Now the individual is in a bind as his normal life has collapsed and depression and anxiety is a natural outcome. Initially he tries to battle the situation but when things become overwhelming he becomes a loner. It is not a wise thing for the family to leave such people alone. It is a difficult issue for the whole family for someone to be there all the time but they should not be left alone. As the mind plays games due to all the above reasons and convinces life is waste medicines also have side effects and tend to play a role.


There are many people who have done the avoidable by committing the suicide by hanging from the ceiling, consuming overdose of pills, jumping from the terrace, drinking phenyle and other other such cleaning agents which are used in the house. It is usually a split second decision during a weak moment when mind plays games and that proves fatal for the individual committing the act and all near and dear.


It is basically a cry for help which goes unheard and results in suicide. They are many warning signs which the person will give without his knowledge. People around should be careful and understand about this. Life is valuable and to be lived fully and mind games should not allow a life to be wasted. Share and create awareness of this issue and stay safe.

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