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November 30, 2016 at 2:22 am

Plastic can be moulded into various forms, anything that is feeding on them has lots of plastic in its  stomach, be it a bird, domestic animals, wild animals or marine life.  The animals also will be entangled with nets or ropes in the water so that it may loose its mobility or it may get seriously injured. Plastic also affects humans as if it is not of good quality there are chances of the same entering our body and affecting our mind or the nervous system especially in case of children who happen to be very vulnerable.Plastics discarded carelessly on land take centuries to degrade and the ones thrown into water too take years to degrade and keep floating endlessly killing marine life. The solution to all this is to say no to plastics and say yes to a safe planet. Disposal of plastics should also be carried out in a scientific manner. by segregating them depending on the quality of the plastic and the reusability once the segregation is complete. This should be done using the principle of the three R’s. India has a long way to go to clean up the mess and one must appreciate the initiative of the Prime Minister in this matter. It is the people who are supposed to follow the instructions to the logical conclusion. There is a big business in India in the case of waste management and the municipalities and the housing welfare societies and the citizens must take the initiative forward. There is lots of money in this business. This is food for thought. not only for India but the whole world as many countries have specialised in waste management.

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March 5, 2017 at 2:58 pm

Ten different ways one can say ‘No To Plastics’ and make a difference

1) Avoid buying things from stores and getting the same to home by plastic bags, one can instead do the same by taking ones own cloth or jute bags as they are biodegradable.

2) Tell the shopkeeper to package the products to you using papers. This does take some time but is worth the effort as it helps in not generating plastic waste.

3) Dispose of the plastics by collecting the same and selling it to the recycling industry, this way you will be doing your bit and be a role model for your family members and others to follow suit. You also make some small amount of money too if you segregate them well and sell as they are bought in kilograms.

4) When buying toys try to but toys which are safe as cheap toys have bad quality plastic and plastics enter the body through the children’s hands and also due to reaction with the weather pollution spreads in the air which we end up breathing.

5) Where possible reuse existing good quality plastics and avoid buying new plastic containers.

6) Try buying water in packets instead of bottles as you end up using less plastic and cause less harm to the environment.

7) Try to use accessories in dress material made by biodegradable products other than plastics and help the environment.

8) Dispose plastics depending how they are supposed to be as each plastic has different microns. Procedure of disposal may change too.

9) Try to buy biodegradable products or stainless steel or aluminium products for cooking.

10) Do not end up over stocking the refrigerator with more essentials as you need packaging to do so and need plastics again. You may have your own ways of saying no to plastics like wearing a T shirt with the same logo. Kindly do the same and create awareness.

Hope these methods help you in reducing usage of plastics and creating awareness among others.


March 5, 2017 at 6:26 pm

Plastic is really slow poison. It is not only affecting our environment but also responsible for many diseases in human and animals.
We all use plastic bottles in our fridges ,plastic Containers in our kitchens,plastc tiffin boxes etc.Everything kept in plastic containers forms many kinds of toxins (basicaly gases and chemicals)which mix with the thing kept in it and make it poisons . Even the toxin formed by plastic materials plays a big roal in Obesity -the most serious health problem of new age.
We must stop using plastic at least as much as we can.

March 5, 2017 at 7:17 pm

Agree with whatever you have stated. In our country the amount of plastic being generated is scary. Even though the government is framing laws implementation is were things are going wrong. The government also want to see that workers employed in the plastics industry also do not lose jobs and the government also gets taxes from these industries which are quite sizable. So decisions taken must be implemented and taken to the logical end for this to succeed.

A good case study is Delhi NCR region has banned plastics due to its negative effects and this same rule must be implemented all over the country if we are to succeed in stopping this menace of plastics piling up at all places. Best thing is to create awareness among citizens to limit the use of plastics and then slowly remove this industry which is quite huge and causes large scale pollution. When I was a child there were no plastics and paper was being used for packaging and all were happy using it. Then slowly this industry came into existence in the country. Thanks for participating in discussing the article.

March 5, 2017 at 9:56 pm

Plastic has been banned in my city.But people never listen to government.They are still using it.We know it is not good to use.But shopkeeper also use it.

March 5, 2017 at 10:51 pm

That is true everybody knows but we are forced to use the same. As I have listed above if we collect them and recycle in the right way then it will not cause pollution. What we do is collect all the plastics and sell it to the old newspaper man. We also return the plastics which we get to the shopkeepers so that they can collect and send it back to those industries for recycling. If we tell them what we think and ask them to cooperate with us. Well meaning people will definitely also take part in seeing that plastics do not go to the dumpyard.


In our city they have started fining people who are using banners, plexis for advertisement without permission. Lots of fines have been collected for littering the colonies and the streets by citizens. It came in today’s newspaper. People will realize when it hits their pockets by burning a hole and stop using plastics. It takes time but will happen in the near future. But we on our own can reduce usage of plastics by at least fifty percent. It depends on both citizens and government.

March 6, 2017 at 10:50 am

I live in Gurgaon,using plastic bags is banned in the city and shop keepers are not allowed to give things in plastic bags .people are supposed to bring their own cotton bags for shopping ,but even the well educated people do not follow the rules they argue with shop keepers for the matter of bags,fed up shop keepers keep plastic bags secretly and provide it to annoying custumers.
No matter how many rules government forms if the mind set of people does not change ,nothing is going to be change.
In our city also you can see plastic bags thrown all over the road sides.

March 6, 2017 at 11:53 am

Plastic products can cause cancer. All disposable plastics must be used if store foods already cooler to avoid toxic chemicals to spread to the foods. It is also advisable not to use plastics better those made of tin.

March 6, 2017 at 3:26 pm


Hello. Even here in Hyderabad it is the same case as stated by you. These people have to be taught a lesson in a hard way by the government. They can give incentives to people to inform with video proof of people who are like this and they themselves can give incentive to the shopkeeper some reward for the information provided. This will deter these customers from doing these type of acts.

More importantly as pointed out by you the mentality and behavior of the society has to change as a whole. There has to be continuous mass awareness campaigns for these at a national level. One more way is giving incentives to people who are following the rules and being good citizens in small ways. The methods are many but they have to be persistent and followed in a regular and continuous manner.

March 6, 2017 at 3:35 pm


Hello. As pointed by you the two products are major pollution causing agents and which result in serious health issues and degradation of the environment. It should be made  mandatory to ban industries involved in manufacturing plastic products and relocate workers to other industries so that they do not face job loss and the closure of the industries can be done in a smooth way. The Owners of these industries can also be given the option and alternative to relocate to some other industries from the wide array of industries available.


This will also not result losses to companies and the economies and will help the countries not lose jobs and their GDP. All this starts with a will on the part of the people, the governments and the companies. It is a collective responsibility of the society to come out of this mess which all have got into. This has to universal effort and not in bits and pieces or patches by different agencies. Thank you for the inputs and the participation.

March 6, 2017 at 3:50 pm

These days there are some of the shop keepers giving out the plastic bag. And some are giving out the paper bag. I think paper bag made from the newspaper or the handmade paper can be good. But it may require a lot of money to buy such bags. As the plastic ones are known for the pollution. Maybe people can spend more money and buy the paper bag. And avoid using or making the plastic bag there as well. That is what I think these days.

March 6, 2017 at 4:08 pm


Hello. Totally agree with your point of view and it is a particularly workable option as during my childhood all covers were made of paper there was a industry which was employing many people before the coming of these plastics. Packaging used to be in ordinary newspapers, and magazine too. And it used to come in different sizes based on the amount being sold and the kind of product being packaged. Many small scale industries mostly by families were the one who were doing this work and earning their livelihood.

Once plastic came and mass production started the costs worked out cheap at that point of time and everyone started using plastics without thinking about the consequences which we are facing today. Now these plastic  industries have grown very big and powerful too. They are able to pull the strings at the right places in the different government bodies and get their way. Thanks for participating and sharing your thoughts on this issue.

March 6, 2017 at 4:14 pm

Plastic is made up of combination of chemicals.  These small particles are made of various chemicals such as carbon,hydrogen, sulfur or phosphorous etc.  Plastic is easier to use because it is light weight and could be molded to form various items.  The available alternate of plastic are expensive and come from natural resources. For example some of the things which are made of plastic could be made of hard card board/paper or wood, however, our natural resources are dwindling day by day, therefore, it is getting difficult to use alternate method.

No doubt we should minimize the use of plastic as it is a kind of health hazard. We will have to start from ourselves. It is said that charity begins at home. Likewise, if we are going to market, we invariably need to carry a jute or cloth bag with us for carrying goods.  We generally forget to carry cloth bag with us or we feel shy sometimes to carry it and we persuade shopkeepers to give us polythene bags, which are serious environmental hazards.


March 6, 2017 at 9:51 pm


Hello and thank you for your inputs on this particular topic. We cannot totally eradicate plastics in one go. But we were not using plastics a few decades ago. While plastics will be having its advantages in certain particular areas for house hold articles for construction like pipes, valves, buckets and mugs to name a few. The problem comes with things of consumption which are done on a daily basis or on a weekly basis like packaging covers for spices, dals and others.


Once the products reaches the home they are straight away dumped in the dustbin and from there reach the dumping yards without any scientific way of treating and recycling and reusing them. This has to be improved upon. Our forests are full of plastics and garbage dumped by people and the cities also becomes dirty with plastics lying at all corners and there are no proper dustbins placed and cleaning too is done at their own pace and time by the municipal authorities. The best solution is to go for only high grade plastics and ban the ones which damage the environment and cause pollution.


I appreciate your view that charity should being at home. If all people are of the same view as we are our cities would be very clean. That is not the case and we are staring at the problem of plastics being dumped and lying strewn at all over the places in the city. If one does a Swachh Bharat Abhiyan. Within no time the cleaning is done again citizens start dumping waste. The best we can do at an individual level is to limit getting plastics to our homes and when disposing the same see that it is done in the best scientific way in which it can be recycled and reused. One more interesting thing is that countries like Norway and other buy garbage, reuse and prepare new finished products. If the same thing is done in India this plastic can be turned into cash. Best wishes and regards.

March 6, 2017 at 10:10 pm

I think the situation currently as it stands is that the paper that people get is through the wood cutting. In such case the paper needs to be made from the sugarcane and also from the earlier used paper. So this way handmade paper or the low cost process paper can replace many plastic bag. It can be used to replace the plastic. But the adoption of the plastic is making it harder to get away from the plastic. I wish we could go for the paper all the time. At current circumstances it would be harder to have that.