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January 11, 2017 at 2:49 pm

This article has been written looking the various kinds of divisions among the Hindu community which are being cleverly exploited by devious sources who would like to damage the community and achieve their secretive agenda’s for which they are working tirelessly. These divisions between various groups and sub groups among the Hindus are being thoroughly exploited. As was done by the Britishers and before them the Islamic rulers to rule over Hindustan. The native Hindus were made second class citizens in their own country.


But even after going through all this hell these groups among Hindus do not seem to learn their lessons. If they do not do so and be alert one feels sorry to say that history may repeat itself. Now comes the main question does the Hindu of today want the history to repeat itself? Does he not want to change himself for the good of the country and the motherland before the community as if the country is their only then can we exist with dignity and respect in the world.


This is a crucial question each Hindu whether rich or poor, whichever group of sub group, marginalized or the well established, the uber rich of the ultra poor, all the middle class groups who are trying to climb up the social ladder through sheer hard work and merit, the saints and savants, the politicians or the social workers, the community elders or the young generation among them, those who are happy and the miserable lot and any other group left out have to think and introspect.


The divisions are visible if one grows through face book and looks at the different kinds of groups formed by the Hindus and each having their own set agenda’s. I am certain all of them would and must agree if Hinduism has to survive and be healthy which is very much essential for the whole Hindu community and the country  as well as the world as a whole the religion followed by the people following the religion have to be financially strong which they are certainly not, which is one of the main reasons conversions by offering money and other methods are taking place.


Whatever be their uniqueness and methods of following which tends to have variations among groups, regions, states and zones. They must collectively concentrate on building ‘Brand Hindu’ prepare a patent and see that each and every Hindu is included and no exclusion for any reason which is what happens takes place. Being the majority community  they must also take care of others in the country by adding them who are well meaning and are for Hindustan and respect their motherland and are not traitors who are growing in numbers by the day.


There should be no sort of discrimination in this brand whatsoever and all must have a fair deal and none should feel left out. This is what ‘Brand Hindu’ must achieve. It should also work for making the country’s foundations stronger. This should be the goal. A small step a day in this directions will work wonders and it can be effected at the place where each one is. It will be a huge change and you will not be treated as a pushover.


They must have the best education, job opportunities and livelihood to be contented and follow the religious path. We cannot give pravachan to people who are on a empty stomach for months and years together because of the personal, family, social and economic  conditions. Most of the people in our country have been to grown up and take up a job whether they are educated or not the case is the same. Big moneyed organisations in the Hindu community have to work for this particular cause as they have the resources and manpower. Many organisations are already doing this since years and the same is well appreciated by all.


The majority have not been trained either to be self employed, create employment for self and others, establish small stable businesses or go to professions which are self revenue generating. Here one does not need to worry about the rich who can make ends meet but it the millions of people below poverty line, poor, somewhat poor, lower, middle, upper middle class who form the major backbone of the country who need to be taken care of and skills imparted. So that when they grow up they will generate revenue for self family and others too.


There should be only one thing in mind and action whatever is being done will be done for the good of the motherland by ‘Brand Hindu’ as a whole and it will not be done as bits and pieces as it will lose its effectiveness and the results will not be visible and the efforts go in vain. The next time whatever the issue maybe think about the brand and the motherland and then think about everything else and see the change.


One more thing the mindset of the doubters have to be changed by showing results. Actions speak louder than words. Even at a local level. This is what Hindus should tend to achieve and not be divided in groups and sections groups and sub groups. Idealogy may differ but the mixture is what should make the Brand Hindu.