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January 11, 2017 at 1:00 am

If allowing people of other religious faiths to not practice the usual religious practice is correct and if this is the meaning of secular and such things are done in the name of secularism to hell with such a concept. That is how the Hindu population in India feel as they are made to feel suffocated in their own country by not being allowed to practice their religious freedom which the constitution guarantees and so does the law.


The basic thing is that Hindu organizations have to invest their funds and pool their funds for providing best quality education in English Medium Schools which they have to establish in every nook and corner of the country. This should be in English as it is the business language the world has accepted and nothing more than that. This should be available for all Indians who are for the country and motherland. The beauty of India and its ancient culture is that it has accepted all, people who came seeking refuge, people who came and looted, people and countries who came as traders and started ruling India. Before they were shown the door.


They also have to be taught Indian Culture Scriptures and the subject called moral science which has been discontinued and subject like computers and general knowledge have replaced it. They should be told to abhor such behavior as practiced by the so called minority Christian Institutions who have hidden agenda and are funded from abroad. An undertaking should be taken from these schools and colleges that if they are found indulging in any of these activities which are detrimental to other communities or religions their licence will be withdrawn and cases should be slapped against as per the Indian Law.


These students being troubled and their families should be informed as they are in a helpless situation due to the harassment which they face at the hands of the administration about the concept of conversions and how they should fight against these kind of concepts like conversions by missionaries who lure people with money or other gifts, so called goodies and the promise of a good life to increase the number of people in the Christian community at the cost of the original religion which these people were practicing.


This is nothing against the religion of Christianity or against Islam as a religion per se but the wrong practices being indulged by the dubious missionaries who make a business out of the difficulties of the poor in India from the original natives practicing their religion. That too by using different ways to make them change their mind. Unfortunately Hindus are the sufferers be it the missionaries of Christianity and of the people coming with the petro dollars from the middle east. Who fund their ilk to carry out such similar activities too to increase there religion.


We also have some characters who run NGOs and run to Europe and USA and speak against their own motherland for some hidden agenda to damage and weaken their own country and are sold out souls. The British have started this business for their selfish ends during pre independence times as divide and rule policy and propagating their religion by damaging the native religion and before them the Muslim rulers killed many thousands of people who did not agree to convert to their religion Islam. So this case was a forced conversion.


Now money is being pumped through the machinery of the missionaries, in the name of helping the poor etc., who come on tourist visas and indulge in these anti national activities. It is basically buying ones faith for money which no religion should allow or practice especially if the individuals are vulnerable economically and socially it is like showing them food when someone is starving and telling them to convert for the food given for life and this is called salvation. This is nothing but taking advantage of a persons vulnerable situation shamelessly.


All such characters have to be thoroughly exposed. If we protest against it then we become “Communal” or “Fringe Element” or even are termed as risk to the so called secular society which clearly it is not secular at all. If we keep quiet against such practices then we are well respected, well cultured and “Secular” humanity. Is it this way the constitution has provided for the misuse of religion against people of other religions?


If it is so, as everyone is keeping quiet, be prepared as this is the calm before the storm. Then once it comes no one will be spared and one will be left with no place to hide. The people responsible are the ones creating these sort of divisions as detailed above and all these acts are well documented in many places, by indulging in such nonsensical behavior. Think and retract before things become irreversible.


People who are indulging in these things should think ten times, as words and writings will turn into actions and later it becomes difficult to stop what happens. Treating a particular community in their on motherland like this who are peace loving and on the other hand claiming this is secular behavior will have a damaging effect on the society.


Please do not play games with the word secular. Anyway this word itself has no sense nowadays. If one observes the spate of attacks on native Hindus in their own motherland. The concerned authorities, governments, people in charge of law and order and courts have to inquire and take action on this issue. There are umpteen number of cases which have taken place and a writer cannot be expected to list each and every one. One can google it or reads magazines or news papers or see the news of some neutral channels to come to conclusions. Think and act before it becomes too late. It is better to be safe than to be sorry.