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May 8, 2017 at 12:11 am

Hardwork has proven to be one of the most discused topic in human existence because of its role in maintaining ones financial duties.
A philosopher ones stated that a man is only remembered for what he does not what he says..
People like albert eistein, thomas edinson, nelson mandella, Nnamdi Azikiwe are all remembered today because of thier fighting spirits and impacts in thier society..
You can only become great when you stay glued to hardwork…..
A little boy from Mediera portugal once told his poor fther that they will become rich oneday,, the father didnt believe,, today that little boy has turn out to become a billionaire..cristiano ronaldo..He was able to achieve this feat because of his hardwork..
Note, you can only become great when you work hard… So embrace hardwork and flee from laziness

November 8, 2017 at 11:20 pm

Yes there is no substitute for hard work. An interesting and informative article which stresses the important fact that ‘Hard work pays and it pays well’. If we add a bit of planning and strategy to the hard work we put in our lives and have a goal and a proper vision as to what we would like to achieve in the end the journey becomes clear of all impediments and even if we encounter any on the way we can over come it with ease as we are well prepared.

There are innumerable examples of great men who have spent their whole life persevering before reaping the benefits of the fruits of labor in the end. They have all told that success after toil of blood and sweat is sweet when relished. This will also help one to raise the bar higher for one self. It also acts as a motivation for others who would be looking for role models to observe, learn and follow in their footsteps to reach the pinnacle of glory themselves. We need many more such role models to the existing list.