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November 14, 2017 at 10:37 pm

Police have recovered gold and silver in a large number from well in Kidar,Mumbai. In the case of a robbery, police arrived in the area to investigate. When the police investigated the case, there was a shocking sight. It is being told that stolen in the mobile shop on October 21 in the Kurar area of ​​Mumbai. In this case, the police arrested Jai Kumar, Manoj Kumar Patel and other accused. When the three were questioned, they said that the stolen goods would be hidden in the well.

After this the police reached the well in the Kurar area where thieves talked about hide the goods. When the well was searched, gold and silver jewelry came out of it. According to the police, thieves kept hiding in the waterproof bag. The accused have been charged with theft of their first two stolen documents. Locals told that the kids used to swim in the well, so there was no doubt.