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January 9, 2017 at 2:49 pm

Peacock is India’s national bird and is enshrined so by the Constitution of India. It is found in most parts of the country and is well distributed. This bird was declared as the national bird in the year 1963 in January month due to its involvement in legends and as it is found all over the country and identified by all Indians.

It is known for its beauty, grace, color and looks. In most poems even those from ancient India we hear of the peacock. It is a symbol of grace, joy, beauty, happiness, vibrance and love. It is also found in many of the love scenes in various movies which are related to history and mythology. These are some of the criteria based on which a bird is selected as a national bird of a country.

It is identifiable by its blue colored body. There are some which have a completely white color too but those are quite few compared to the blue ones which are the regulars. Its name is also used in the lyrics of many Indian songs of different regions. It is a national treasure and has been chosen aptly as the national bird and happens to be one of the most beautiful bird on the earth.

It is a swan sized bird with a fan shaped crest of feathers on its head. It has a white patch under the eye and a long slender and colorful neck. It is a multi hued bird. The male peacock is more colorful than the female one. This is used to attract its mate during the mating season. These birds are bright greenish-blue in color and look very regal. The female bird which is smaller in size and not so colorful is called the peahen. Its scientific name is ‘pavo cristatus’. It is also called as the India peafowl or the blue peafowl.

This bird is celebrated not only in Indian but also the Greek mythology. In Hinduism it is the vehicle of Lord Subramanya or Kartikeya who is the son of Lord Shiva. Lord Subramanya likes to do penance and that too mostly on hills. Lord Shri Krishna also has a ‘Mor Pankh’ or feather of the peacock on his crown. It is also considered sacred in many religions. This proves how ancient the bird is and how famous it was since the earlier times itself even with the Gods.

It is also involved in many of the Indian traditions, customs and rituals of different regions of the country from ancient times till date. It is a protected species under schedule 1 of the Indian Wildlife Act 1972. This has been done due to the rampant killing of the birds for its flesh which is considered to be a delicacy. The feather of these birds have also turned out to be a big industry due to its use in arts, religious, societal customs, and are also used as a headgear by some tribes.

But mostly it is the meat which is being consumed. Some governments or organizations are considering them as pests as they tend too breed and grow fast according to these people. There is a illegal wildlife trade also existing which encourages killing of the beautiful birds for monetary reasons, it is a lucrative industry which is thriving. This industry is present in Asia and other parts of the world too. For this reason it is needed to protect this bird.

Farmers are also poisoning them as they say they are eating their crops and destroying their fields. It is ironical that on one side they are considered Gods vehicle and on the other side they are considered a nuisance. People tend to forget they play an important role in controlling population of others in the food chain like insects, worms, snakes, frogs etc.

If this beautiful bird is killed it is a disgrace for India as it is our national bird and it is our duty to protect them as per the wildlife act. Solutions and awareness have also to be created in this man animal conflict. Humans are selfish they are generally happy as long as things suit their purpose. They have to care and spare a thought and remember that the planet belongs to all its creatures not just humans alone.

Whenever someone thinks of killing or harming a peacock just imagine how beautiful it looks when it spreads its wings in joy when it is raining and dances. The sight of this spreads joy and happiness among us too which is invaluable. Maybe this thought will change ones mind about hurting them. Think about it.