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October 31, 2016 at 7:12 pm

I have seen around me that at lest 90 per cent people prefer money to friends or people I do not know why? Sometimes I think that man is most important for man because money is just a linker between the two people but the source of pleasure is man and his his laughter among the friends. Do you agree?

November 1, 2016 at 1:31 am

N @hsayyar, Hi friend? Do not forget the saying which goes like this: No money, no honey hahahahaha, meaning there are people who prefer money over someone he/ she loves especially if that someone cannot make her/ him happy because he or she is poor. I think I also agree that money and man go together. What is the use of money in the absence of someone in our side. Life becomes meaningless at all. 10794763-happy-romantic-young-couple-spending-time-outdoor-in-the-autumn-park

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What makes us work harder? It is those we love that inspire us to work harder. So for me, both are necessary for in the absence of the other, there will be emptiness. If there is money and the one we lost is lost, money seems no value at all; likewise if there is man or woman in our lives we love and if money is at scarce, the living together episode may be at chaos because love flies in the window if stomach is hungry, so both money and man go together.

November 1, 2016 at 5:23 am

I could careless about money. I rather spend my time with a person than with money. Sure we need money in order to get things but when you spend time with the person you love that is all that matters. You make memories that last a lifetime.

November 1, 2016 at 9:40 am

You say right my dear first came men on earth after this money so money is precious than man man is part and parcel of woman while on the other hand money is need. When the barter system was present means edibles were exchanged with edibles there was no money but man and man woman and woman.

Under cool shadowy trees man and woman sitting without money no worry no pain but love and love but now everyone is chasing money not man chasing money they waste their precious life the best life days no memorable memories for old days to remind in lone…

November 2, 2016 at 10:39 am

Hahaha. If am to say ooo, money is more important than man because without money man won’t exist. Haven’t you seen friends deceiving and scamming friends just for money. This shows they re really in love with money more than man. The rate of crime increasing daily. The crime of assassination is carried out cos of love of money. When an assassin is paid an irresistible amount of money just to eliminate a man, he takes the money and kills the man. He does this because of his utmost love for money in conjunction with his assassination business. Even these days brothers kill brother for the sake of land and property. Thus land and property they drag are because of their love for money and materials things.
Some churches love money more than the main preaching they are supposed to be giving, that’s why they always talk about sowing seeds.
I don’t think the question should be asked at all because it is crystal clear that the love of money is higher than the love of man. Even ladies who love their boyfriends very much maybe because he had money tend to leave them when they notice that the money is no more. This is also the love of money. Yes I love money but I will rather wish to lose money than to lose a man to death. No cash is worth life

December 16, 2016 at 12:24 am

Man is definitely More Important.

I have been through two phases in my life, the money phase and the broke phase, both phases showed me who is more important and why.

When i was with money, i had more friends, more spending, more responsibilities, more of everything, at this point, my company was making a turnover of 200k a month, i met great people and others i’m sure i will never see again. by terrible luck, we had internal company wrangles and soon enough we were broke, lost all our client , went from Riches to rags all in under 3 month.

In my poor phase, i lost ninety percent of my friends, my plans for moving out were at a stand still, i couldn’t  even afored cab fare so most of the time i walked, but one thing never changed, the connections i made when i had money.

when i was done moaning, i called some of the contacts i made and best thing, due to my great service to them back in the day, they were happy to take me back, though we started at lower rates than before, i’m building my company back up again through the help of the people.

Money comes and goes, but great connections last forever.

December 16, 2016 at 9:04 am

Let me start by quoting this God made man, man made money, and money made man mad. Would i be so far off by saying that that has become a reality in our societies? Well you decide, but i strongly think that that is the case. We many at times work so hard and all we think aboyt is making more and more money no one seems to be content with what they have. True life has becone unbearingly expensive that people have to work extremely hard to make ends meet. And this is the reason that martiages and relationships are hardly surviving because no one has time for the other, everyone is busy doing something to bring in more money. The truth is money can and will never be enough no matter what we do. So its better to have your friends and family closer because they are the ones who will stivk with you to the ends of the time. Money is just for a short time it comes an goes, so if you base your life on it then you are surely going to end up in abad situation than you ever thought of.

December 16, 2016 at 10:05 am

My blog friend,  Anitah Gimase , money is just our need and nothing else. We can buy from money our needs but cannot buy friends and relatives at any cast. We have lost love on earth and love for money is increasing day by day that is why we going away from Man, God and Nature. 

Our hearts are cruel and callous and chaser of money. Modern generation will have to rethink about his thinking about money. Money is a sordid boon on earth. Friends and families are bound by love and faith not by money on earth.