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December 11, 2016 at 11:48 am

I used to daydream when I was young. I just wanted to daydream. When I am alone, lonely, sad, mad and happy, I daydream. It seems an automatic action my brain employs once feel or encounter any of those reasons. I am relieved from whatever circumstances that I failed to accomplish; likewise, when I am not able to succeed an actual dream. A concrete example for a thing that I failed to accomplish is a desired business like wholesale and retail of any tangible goods that are of great demands of the consumers, we call it mini-store. How could I accomplish it when I was young that time and lacked a capital, LOL. I also desire to have a franchise of any fast foods like Jollibee, but it requires millions, LOL, but that was my dream before and even now. That is why when I am alone and feeling frustrated, I daydream that I already have this business and see myself successful, he, he, funny, but true.

My boyfriend betrayed me, so I daydreamed that he will come back to me and land in the altar of the holy matrimony with him, LOL, then I realized it was impossible. But at least in my waking moment where time granted me the closure by accomplishing the past in a successful manner that gives impact to the reality that I am alone, thus, in that bare moment with the work of my brain through daydreaming is where I wake up with the reality , that time with that love is gone forever.

During my depressive moment, I reverse what I feel through daydreaming. I am the holder of my body, so I can twist whatever route I wanted to land in my brain. I am a fighter of life, and it’s me though, who can reach the avenue of my goal, and never give up life no matter what, for life is full of mysteries I have to fight for. Daydreaming image

Conclusion: Life is what we make it, if failed, then, daydream and make that failure successful. It’s in that way where you feel the contentment and partial happiness. Bring that daydream from subconscious to conscious level to inspire life and have reasons to live for years.

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December 11, 2016 at 11:55 am

I really like to day dream. It is in day dreaming that I can materialize what I want and need in life. When I was a teenager, I used to day dream that my crush was already my boyfriend. When my allowance  was so small during high school, I sat in a corer at home and daydream that I have much money after few years hahahaha. To day dream is not bad for it is just there in  your mind and somehow would lead me,  lead you to a happy life and feeling.

When I was a new anew teacher in college, I day dream that I was still a student for there is always sure allowance, so sure money from my parents pocket lol. Never forget that hallucination is another thing from day dreaming,lol. Now that I am mature enough to realize what is life all about, I seldom day dream, Yes, I cannot avoid to day dream I find it a pleasure on my part during my waking moments when I am alone at home and lonely, I day dream to have someone near me,LOL.