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April 9, 2017 at 11:58 pm

🙏Jn12:3″The house was filled with the fragrance of the oil.”🙏
✝Imagine that you are in a serious dating relationship,and you want to purchase a gift for your special someone.You wouldn’t just buy the first item you see in the local discount store. You would take your time to find the perfect present. And you wouldn’t simply drop off your gift in a plastic bag with a scribbled note. You would wrap it carefully and deliver it in person so that your loved one knows just how important they are to you.✝
✝ All of these actions are similar to what Mary does in today’s Gospel.Her gift of spikenard reveals extravagant devotion, not only because of how much it costs, but because of how she gives it. In an act of adoration and worship,she anoints his feet.She takes on the position of household servant, who had the job of washing the feet of the guests as they entered.By the extravagant act,she is saying:”Jesus,I love you and I want to serve you all of my days.”✝
✝Jesus might have expected this same level of devotion from Judas. He was, after all,one of only twelve men chosen to be Jesus closest disciples. Judas lived with Jesus for three years;he heard him preach and watched him perform miracles. But somehow Judas lost his devotion. He became so self-absorbed that he would no longer give Jesus anything,least of all his heart. Judas was more interested in what he could get. He was even ready to betray Jesus for a pile of silver coins!✝
✝As you pray this week,keep the image of Mary and her extravagant love in mind. Ask the Holy Spirit to give you a deeper sense of worship.Meditate on all the blessings God has given you and ponder his incomparable work of redemption. Lay aside any anxieties about the future or bitter regrets about the past. Just remember that Jesus loves you. Remember that he has redeemed you. Let these truths penetrate your heart so that praise and Thanksgiving well up from your heart. And know that your humble,grateful prayer is like sweet-smelling incense to him!✝
👏🏼”Lord,how can I ever thank you for redeeming me and giving me new life?”👏🏼