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April 15, 2017 at 5:58 pm

I do Believe in The Most High and Powerful GOD And His Son JESUS CHRIST. (OUR creater) Living a simple and humble life as Jesus lived it’s very difficult and almost impossible for a person to survive in today’s generation. As in India every part or corner you will find a Christian Cross, Church and Christian communities and many places have wonderful churches beautifully designed. I speak on behalf of our Christian community.

It’s like we are going to lose our religion as the conditions which are going on in some states of India Specially in GUJARAT. The fastest changing state in India in Religion wise due to Prime Minister ( MODI )  With the Power of Minister ship he is trying to convert Indian Christian religion into Hindu. This is all because we are supporting him he has destroyed Christian people in Gujarat and still planning for a Bigger Mission of throwing out Christianity from India. He does not Fear for his Creater, as he know that Christians are loving and good people and won’t go against him.

He has brought the Christian in Gujarat to Roads, asking them to stop worshipping as if it’s a Crime. He has punished many people in Gujarat and slowly advancing to wards other states, by stopping Christian Public holidays etc etc… Not only this many people are torched and converted to Hindu and most of the person have to leave their homes if they don’t follow him… Recently a family was torched very badly  husband wife and child  they were made naked entirely in public area for not changing their religion…  One of the most shocking thing was when with his power they demolished a Church. Today it’s only one but very soon….  Modi knows that no one can go against him but one day he will pay for what he is doing now. We need to stop voting him and if we Christians stand up he will fall down that is for sure…

It’s like Christian are going to have a tough time I hope and wish that GOD will punish him… A message to All Christians do not lose your faith for almighty GOD will never live his people it might be a  testing time for all of us but the final victory will be ours.  GOD Bless you All.


April 16, 2017 at 6:09 pm

Wow what a way to express your love for christ. Not many people would talk with so much passion for our christ. We all know that christianity is being fought every where in the world. There are so many things that people are doing that are going against the law of God, but we as christians need to stand up for what we believe in. We do know that there is nothing that is impossible with our God. He is the most powerful and most deserving. We are taught in the word of God that when people and nations go astray, we are called to pray for God will not forsake or leave us. He will hear our prayer and he will heal our land. Its quite unfortunate what is going on in India, but God is not asleep neither does he slumber. If his people are called by his name, and they humble themselves and pray, then will he hear from heaven and he will heal their land. That script is very simple and clear. All christians need to wake up and pray for their nations. We need to repent and turn back to God so that we may live in peace and harmony. India will not go down, remember God is not a receptor of persons that he may fail to help his people. Commit your country in prayer and we also from other nations will remember to pray and intercede for you. And your churches shall not falk but rise and save God’s people. Do not be dismayed for God is seeing and he is doing som3tging behind the scenes. I feel very bad when i hear that someone somewhere is prohibiting people to worship God or they want to destroy the church very unfortunate but may God intervene.