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November 21, 2016 at 5:02 pm

government is the architect of indiscipline. They make laws that are never implemented there is no public convenience or toilet facilities in the market, public places or bus stop to stop the act of urinating and defecating at randomly. They encourage bribery and corruption and scarcely provide infrastructure for sanitation and provision of sufficient infrastructure and amenities to the people. They are corrupt and exhibit the highest level of indiscipline through the judiciary, disobeying orders, swallowing and diverting public fund, driving recklessly and jumping queue when driving, telling lies to the public they disobey the judiciary Rig election us youths as tugs, give them guns and dangerous weapons and intoxicant to drink and kill at ramdomly without regards for human dignity. They neglect our industries and other government investment and sometimes convert them to personal properties and hence creating and perpetuating unemployment and so on.

What out societies are suffering today are by men who is affairs of government because they run the government like a family enterprises, no good policies. They don’t impliement it.