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December 23, 2017 at 11:33 am

It is an important topic for all of us, why people fall ill? people will answer many with logic but will be far from reality. I have pondered over this topic several times and I collected some horrible facts about human illness. You must know that three systems work in our body, one psychic system, soul system and spirit system.  

Man is made of earth, and in body work minerals and vitamins taken from the earth hidden in mountains and rocks, spirit comes from the planets and soul comes from God is a decree of God. When three system walk side by side we remain hale and healthy but when any one of them remains behind the two we fall ill. 

Besides, in human body, the main three functions work in shape of water, fire and air. Air lives in our arteries, fire in intestines and stomach and water runs through our blood.  Water and heat balance is the name of health and its imbalance is called illness. 

When water will be more in body we feel coldness and when heat will be more our body will be hot is called fever in shapes. We all of us maintain our two systems of body to remain hale and healthy. 

If you eat hot food it will evaporate your water and if you eat cold food it will decrease body heat and thus we all fall ill in daily life. What do you think friends?