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April 4, 2017 at 5:52 pm

That is what I notice those ladies smiling and friendly have many suitors,lol. Meaning to say that we have to avoid frowning hahahaha in order to have many admirers, for single ladies only,lol.There are really individuals that have faces smiling though not smiling, eyes smiling and glittering despite in the silence mood. Have you also recognize someone eyes or face smiling despite not smiling? There are also human beings I saw eyes glittering and seem laughing wow, will I envy them? No, of course for we have our own identity and we can also be smiling and friendly despite hard to do to those we do not like to be friendly with hahahaha, joke , joke.

My niece has smiling and glittering eyes. At age 13 she already has many suitors. I also have a friend possessing eyes that smile and glitter and oh, my so many girls long to be their boyfriend. That guy is also hard to reach despite smiling.Many appreciate his attitude for he is not taking for garnted the charm that he he has and never abuse those ladies who admire him so much.

Lucky are those by birth having smiling and glittering eyes, and having a face that always paints a smile. i tried this, but oh, no hahaha so funny , if fake.

May 2, 2017 at 6:32 pm

Both male and female if smiling will have so many friends.I had a classmate during college, he has shortage of height, yet he has many chicks friends. He has the charm to attract people.Both boys and girts like to make friends with Jupiter Bola. I do not know how is he doing now. Whenever he is around the campus many get together and have a nice and loud laughter with Jupiter. I cannot forget this guy having a height of 4’10 hehehehe to short .he has a round body like a ball but he is so cute and charming so people never mind about his appearance but his attitude. In conclusion, attitude matters most to have many friends to like and love you.

Try to observe it in your work force if having a short guy but all the time happy,His attitude is contagious almost everyone also likes to join his laughter.

May 2, 2017 at 9:23 pm

Wow, I have to agree with you @cely that smile is one of the main attracting criteria for both men and women. You seem like a very smiling person and you seem lovely with that smile in the photo. Your photo reminds me of the importance of the smile. Thanks.

Smiling not only attracts people but also it helps in creating a positive environment and ease out stress. When we are smiling it releases dopamine, which I call the Happiness hormone. This hormone is the main reason behind our happy and motivated feeling. So, when you smile even if you fake it, it releases dopamine thus killing all the other negative stressing hormones. This makes you feel light and relaxed.

I think smiling is one of the best medicine for curing diseases. If we smile a lot we are away from negativity so we can lead a hassle free life and also it gives the confidence to stay strong during difficult situations. Thank you @cely for this lovely post. 🙂

May 3, 2017 at 7:18 am

@haripriya, Thanks too, yes we have to be smiling all the time even to a stranger but sometimes they misinterpret our smile hahahaha. I experienced one time I smiled at someone because he was so handsome and he also looked at me and he smiled back and from that time on I cannot forget his smile and meaningful look hehehe.Maybe it was called love at first sight,lol. How I like luck at first sight or love at first bite hahaha.

Yes, I am smiling and have many fans in the campus hehehehe. Thanks for reading.

May 3, 2017 at 7:31 am

Smile from someone relieves stress and paves way to happiness, as if it replaces the first stimulus that we have that seems like killing our self due too too much stress and unhappiness of life.Then in a work place if our boss is smiling at us while greeting us the morning she arrives, the entire force also feels motivated and inspired unlike if our boss just enters the office with face frowning and eyes tiger look hahahaha.All people in office may surely leave right away or to get ready with a disaster of controversy in case one or more will be called and and sanctioned from something not done , the bottom line is to have only someone the recipient of her or his anger.That is what we call abuse of employees.

Seldom we find our bosses smiling. I had one one time so smiling and friendly to all people in our office but she was promoted and she was replaced with a lady so strict and attitude hard to define. We find it hard to mingle with her, We exhaust our energy for some presentations that we like her though not.That boss has just retired and flew to United States until now she is there.

We hope she had changed her attitude in other country for she never had memorized the attitude of the people there especially her co-workers. She will surely have a bad shot should she never changed her attitude.

Being smiling matters a lot, blood steadies in normal lever, no crankiness , all in peace and happiness and work will definitely be done well. Thanks for reading ad have a nice blogging peps.

May 3, 2017 at 10:52 am

@cely I agree with you. Sometimes smiling is contagious and even I had a similar experience when I was studying in school. During my school days, I used to smile a lot at random students and sometimes I got scolding for that from the teacher but I took a long time to change that habit. Now I don’t smile often and usually, it depends on my mood.

May 3, 2017 at 12:32 pm

@haripriya,hehehe that sounds ridiculous your teacher disliked your behavior when you were in college. Maybe your teacher envied you for being that social student and having lots of friends. Me too, when I was in college my PE teacher called my attention when I was so lousy, noisy during our activity in pool.But, that did not stop me from being sociable and gregarious for men are born to be gregarious.