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December 7, 2017 at 6:07 pm

Love is a folly of mind because a lover get deceit by his own reflection floating on beloved’s cheeks, ates and lisp in guise of man’s image that he creates in lone for future. When the lover gazes on the face of beloved if he watches the same reflection on the beloved’ face he anon falls in her love otherwise the reflects to rays sender and it is called love failure in practical life.

Love is nothing but man sees his own reflection on the woman’s face same process is applied for a woman’s love. Woman is a love rays receiver and man is the love rays sender if the rays compromise both fall in love if does not both start hating each other and it is called hate in love language.

Actually, people do not know what is the real nature of love but they follow sensual love and mar their lives. The real nature of love is a spiritual love and soul talks to soul not body talk to body. Spiritual love is rare on earth but physical love is seen everywhere on earth and foolish call it love.

Love is child of soul and soul is the property of God, spirit is the property of planets and matter is the property of earth and from these things man is made. If your spirit is holy your love will be holy. Soul works with spirit in human body. those fall in sensual love very fall in a ditch and those who fall in virtuous love enjoy heavenly pleasures. Do you agree to it? JH Sayyar

December 8, 2017 at 5:20 pm

I do agree with you. I remember that I have written an article intended for the Christmas. It is about the greatest gift a person could give to his loved ones. I am asking my readers, my followers on what is the best gift for Christmas.

I relate some situations, some possible wonderful gifts, but not the pricey kind of gifts. Price doesn’t convince a receiver that he is well loved because of the costly gift given to him. It is the giver’s heart intention that greatly counts and it is the receiver’s feeling of gratefulness of the the gift he received, which is big or small, beautiful or ugly, the like.

What’s yours?



March 22, 2018 at 10:54 pm

Let me say this a woman is like the image of God. She is so passionate in everything that she does. A woman will always bring warmth in everwhere she goes. So i do agree with you on this one.