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December 16, 2016 at 9:14 am

I have seen and observed and seen, dog lovers tame dog and love dog but do not ponder over the tender nature of God, sometimes I think, why do they not contemplate the nature of dog.

The best and main characteristic of a dog is that it loyal and faithful, while its owners are faithless, the dog is patient while its owners are inpatients, the dog has a sense of thief and owner while its tamers do not have the sense of our Lord and Lover, I mean God, the always obeys its owner command while we do not obey God’s commands…

When a dog eats its food and it does not pay any attention to the left over food but man keep left over food at a safe place instead of giving to the needy. Now think, we are better are dog than human being.

If you beat your dog it will not keep any grudge against the owner it is heart while we have grudge against the person whom we love on any trivial matter in routine life. The dog has a sense of thief and owner, man has no sense of friend and foe.

What the dog lovers learn from the tamed dog while every creature on earth great or small teaches something new to men. Let us follow the dog love in practical life, the dog love is free of greed and full of loyalty while our love is full of greed and free of love.

What a wonderful thing of man? Sometimes i wonder.