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December 1, 2016 at 8:03 am

Often some citizens have no qualms murdering their family members including a sibling for money and power, especially if they can get away with it unpunished. These murderers do not face any social and professional censure for their crime. Increasingly directed energy microwave weapons are being used by greedy individuals to cause great pain and slowly murder their vulnerable relative to steal their hard earned money, and in some cases, an impressive resume.
The local security,intelligence, ntro officials can be bribed by the greedy relatives to make fake allegations without proof, stalk and torture a harmless citizen with microwave weapons causing great pain,microwave burns, slowly murdering her, causing cancer and other health problems

Is murdering a relative especially an unmarried sibling to steal his or her hard earned money, acceptable in your country? Do the intelligence, security agencies, large companies use this method to destroy the life of a competitor or person they dislike, especially if their target is not well connected.

December 1, 2016 at 3:21 pm

Yes, it is common to murder someone for money and power. For money murder happens in our society daily in every country of the world but murder for the sake of power becomes in politics and in the family of politicians.

Mr Bhutto and his daughter  Benazir Bhutto both were killed in Pakistan just for the sake of power not money.  It is common in all countries because very person loves power and money on earth.  I think such persons are Satan and his followers who do not believe in death and Resurrection and do every illegal act one earth even they do deeds giants God.

December 1, 2016 at 4:04 pm

Those  who kill their own blood are devils on earth.They are inhumans ; their minds are full of satanic plans just to own the wealth inherited, the same way God gave to us to inherit , the planet earth, but earthly humans’ greediness succumb the world to wilderness and unfathomable sins of greed.

If man only has God in his life, he will never kill his own family, my God, what a brutal act of a real member in a family. The killer is so much obsessed with desire and ambition and wanting them all to come true without somebody to stop him. In order for his dark mind fulfill his greed, he wants all out in his site, so no one except him to handle the money and squander like a pig as long as he lives.

If man fear God, there will be no single thought to do heinous crime. If fear God, one is ready to step down from his thrown and give all his wealth just to see family and people he loves happy and contended. That is what we call love.

Therefore, that family member whose mind is contaminated with toxic and fatal desire, never has felt love and never has he felt fear to face the law and serve the crime he may commit. It seems a criminal like this you mentioned is under the influenced of drug.

May all those gone astray will realize that God is the only instrument he could have to have a happy and peaceful. He will also know how love is felt and how is given back.Amen to this.13669641_10208716813269069_3837677496126527753_n

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Featuring the two Philippine mayors convicted of pushing and taking illegal drugs.

December 16, 2016 at 1:20 pm

Killing a family member for money or power has become so common in Kenya it’s literally worrisome

the other day, in upcountry, a family friend’s family was having the funeral for both the mother and cousin, both killed by the Ladies eldest son, reason: Greed and Jealousy

you see ever since they were young, this family had three children, when the ladies sister died, the natural thing to do was raise her child.  Since this ladies children are the high status wannabes, all of them moved home except their cousin, who stayed home with the mum.

fast forward, two weeks ago, all the children are in their fifties, married with kids, the cousin is married too but lives close to the mother’s house, in fact the same compound….apparently the children were jealous of the relationship the mother had with the cousin and since the mother was sickling due to age, they assumed the mum would leave the property to the cousin, so they arranged amongst themselves and they killed both of them. living children without a father, Wife without a husband and their mum killed.

it’s just a sad situation, since the children actually came to the funeral…. just to confirm the job was done and claim the land, kicking out the young family.

December 16, 2016 at 2:27 pm

Murder had never been acceptable or will never be acceptable in the world over no matter what. Those people who do such things are just being greedy, they will di anything to get what somebody else has. They are the people who dont like seeing anyone with anything, and their morive is always to see someone suffer as they get on witheir perfect life. I have heard so many people who have killed their kin because of land or material stuff and it is so sad. Sometimes i say its better for people to write wills while they are still toung si that they can avoid such things as sibling rivalry or killings that take place in families.

December 20, 2016 at 9:18 am

Google, tata are falsely claiming that an indore housewife veena is an online expert, domain investor, to get a lucrative R&AW job with fake resume, fake investment and fake work. Now she is using part of the monthly R&AW salary to pay the security agency officials in goa, to murder her relative , who is the real domain investor, and whose resume, she has stolen