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January 2, 2017 at 5:13 pm

Women use lipsticks of different kinds daily without knowing its effect on health because women want beauty not health but beauty to attract others’ attention and nothing else.

Women must now that lead is the main ingredient of lipstick and lead is a position that gathered in human blood due to lack of calcium level in human blood. The research shows that in lipsticks nine toxic heavy metals are used as chromium, manganese, aluminum, and lead all these are toxic and dangerous metal for health but women are fond of beauty not health.


If any woman uses lipstick 14 times a day they ingest 87 milligrams heavy poisonous minerals through lips. Aluminum is used in lipsticks to lip glosses Our lips are thin and sensitive that is why they affect most due to poisonous heavy metals that women eat through lipsticks. 

January 5, 2017 at 2:08 am

@ jhsayyar : Sir. you highlighted a serious issue about health but I am afraid to say that women are not supposed to consider such type of information about their health. They are not meant to consider the severity of the issue. They use a lot of chemicals on daily basis and all chemicals pose a serious threat to their health. 

There is a long list. I hope you write a complete post on this issue and post it on different websites. I shall share the same on other social media site. We can play our role by doing so. This is all what we can do. We just can raise our voice to share knowledge and information about health.

January 5, 2017 at 8:18 am

This topic is such a good reminder to every girls, ladies, and women who are usually using lipsticks and other cosmetics for the face and body.

We must aware of the side effects or disadvantages of every chemical we are using.

There are always some precautions before using such products. However, don’t always rely on those precautions. It is better to wear your natural beauty.

Other thing is, for us to have a beautiful face and body, we should consider eating healthy diets.


January 5, 2017 at 11:45 am

Thanks for reading the post and we must make aware of ladies in suing cosmetics on daily basis is dangerous for their health in spite  of this ladies death ratio is less than male because ladies are God species’ protectors that is why God bless them in all walk of life.

I will write a full post of the use of lisp sticks and its danger to women who use daily lipstick to mar their natural face beauty.

January 7, 2017 at 6:38 pm

This is areally good topic to put out there. We as women love to look good and pretty all the time regardless of what we put on or what we wear. I was also rwading an article on the poisonous chemicals that are used to make lipsticks. Others say that the lead is usually in red lipsticks only but i guess its in all lipsticks. And another thing, we all know that the stuff we put on our bodies all has some kind of chemical in them. Lets look at lotions, creams, hair oils and the like there are very few of this products that are natural 80% is all cgemical. And its funny but most women would ratger use the chemicals than use the natural thing. We want fast results in that when i apply this cream it should be able to give me the results that i desire lets say in a week. This are also chemicals that are getting into our body systems throygh tge skin.its quite unfortunate that this is the way that we have decided to take

January 8, 2017 at 2:05 pm

That is true friend excessive use of lipstick can cause something malicious to women’s health. Like me, what I feel every evening when I reached home, painful,lips. There are actually lipstick that are dangerous like lipstick made from China. You will surely get sick if use or buy their lipstick. I bought lipstick made from China when I was teaching in China only to have my lips bulged like a bubble gum that is blown by a lip.After that experience, I promise not to buy any product made from China.

The best lipstick is REVLON.It is expensive but play no havoc to the human lips. I read about research studies on lipstick and only from Revlon where a user of a lipstick is safe. Do not but cheap lipstick .Do not buy lipstick called non-washable for that kind causes cancer to the lips.

Foremost, before going to sleep, the lips must be washed thoroughly with water to erase the marks in such away, the whole night you are free from bad radicals that may harm your lips. You bet.