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November 21, 2016 at 2:47 pm

In society today the type of music we hear today is actually different from the type our forefather enjoy on they n time. Because today music has n nothing to right home about, in the time of great grandfather the music of that time has inspiration and give thought to everyone who hears it, 70s  and 80s, the music of naways days are coursing havoc in our society because the imorality dresses which music wears are not encouragement to the youths and also in our communities at large, the music have course teenager especially girls to carry unwanted pregnancy, many females artist are almost naked on the stage of show, when a young woman exposes her breast and wear mirror pant that show her private parts. what was that means? She is only showing her nakedness in the name of music show, music of today are corrupting mind, the music are doing more harm than good in our society. They only singing for to win souls for satan, music of today is meaningless, you will listen and listen you learn or hear anything they saying. Imorality music is all over the places.

November 21, 2016 at 3:11 pm

Yes, you say right that today’s music is immoral and doe not suit to a civilized society where good people are living in churches, temples and mosques but modern generation is producing immoral music for the present and coming generation.

Yes our forefathers produced good music and religious music actually songs and music means teaching something and delight. The definition of song and poetry is that poetry teaches and delight.

But today’s music is full of sexy emotions , thoughts feelings and emotions, I think we cannot listen to this music sitting among the families at homes. On all immoral music the government must ban and the writer and musicians must be arrested who writes immoral songs and makes immoral music all over the world.

My brother, we just raise slogans and can do nothing against it all over the world and I think the new generation is going to downfall. Morality is down and sexism is on the peak all over the world.