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November 25, 2016 at 6:34 pm

So awesome and cool lyrics of the song Constantly

I cannot forget that instance hearing first time the lyrics of the song Constantly. I was alone eating in a fast food, late lunch, when the fast food owner tuned in their DVD with the song Constantly by Cliff Richard. I was so stunned and my mind worked and wondered and did not avoid to say “wow.”

The line said: All day I’m walking in the rain, I think about you constantly. I had experienced this in my life walking in the rain, and my mind was occupied with image of my crush. I was 15.

Then I heard the next lines of the song which stated:” Shadows fall and I would try to drive you from my mind so you’ll no longer here with me, but my heart sees you there with me…”every sunset you’re there with me…” So nice my heart knows how to beat love like crazy,lol.

Love does in mysterious ways!

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November 25, 2016 at 9:01 pm

Yes Cely you have a romantic temperament by birth but and fine taste of lyrics listening while eating and drinking coca. You like is nice. I think you like romantic lyrics.

A song for you written by me JH Sayyar

I will sing for you my love is true

My white swan, fly over me for shade

Parching heat of hate burning my feet

Fly over my head my love does fade


My love like swan never forgets my love

Even after death we will talk through soul

Laying in our tombs with happy hearts

Our souls will sing for love, love carol


I am dying say once I love you more

When will you unlock your locked throat?

Like swan before death you will speak

I love you in vain o my God my poor lot


When I think of you my eyes full of tears

My mourning heart weeping with sighs

None to console me I am sitting all alone


Lying on the thorn of love I fall and rise

November 26, 2016 at 5:35 pm

@jhsayyar , Wow nice poem/ song, hehehehe, I am so amused when you said here that I am romantic by birth,yes, you guess it right, I am. I am a lover of beauty .that is why my mind and heart always want to see things that are beautiful to my eyes, though I never have assurance if the said beauty is also found in dept of man’s heart and soul.

My poem:

A Lovely Rose Blooms

What a lovely rose
You are guarded with thorns
You are very symbolic
To those who are in love
A rose that blooms attracts anyone
Everybody wants to pick you
The yellow one is so rare and cozy
The white one is so cute and pretty
The pink one is so youthful and sexy

The blue one is reserved and gloomy
Which one you love so tenderly?
A rose in bloom is also like a blooming lady
Many young boys want to know her name
A blooming lady is so innocent
In her life without a thorn
Freedom and liberty turns forlorn
Her emotion is also blooming and wandering
Thinking is nothing only the feeling

She expects in her blooming the world is pure
Only to learn that the world is more than a thorn
A lovely rose in bloom will not feel the agony
If someone throws her if wither
She has no feeling of everything
She just wants to symbolize happiness and love.


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