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January 28, 2017 at 9:34 am


Hello, fellow laborers, I am a rookie but find this site entertaining with a lot of good blogs and talent. I have been writing for years and have decided to give this site a try. As I looked through this site, you can use Literacy Base with another site called Hubpages. Hubpages may not be as good as this site but will give you a lot of exposure along with other communities of writers. Another asset is when you write for Hubpages, you can get people to visit your site putting a link at the end of your articles.  Finally, you can increase viewership by starting a blog. There is a free blog called blogger from Google. When you write a blog on a consistent basis, it can give your articles some more exposure. I hope those few tips can motivate someone and keep up the good work, fellow laborers!

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