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May 17, 2017 at 1:04 pm

It seems that today crime rates are higher than ever before . Its only going to continue to escalate in todays consumer market nothing changes when the police catch the bad guys. They just go learn how to be better criminals in prison. They have to keep there Ranks at the top of the food chain. And people will do whatever they need to survive we are all brought up from different back grounds and have different morals about certain things than the regular Joe citizen who lives comfortably in debt to the banks for the rest of there life . We go to school to be conditioned into believing that owning a brand new house or car will give us that sense of fulfillment and we will all play a role in this material world where theĀ  rich stay in control of the government . And the working class citizens are content with there meaningless jobs . They just fill themselves with prescription drugs to deal any sort of physical or emotional distress they might be experiencing due to there financial situations . I think there is crimes that need to be dealt with by some higher Authority in order to protect us from each other and perhaps mitigate issues between offenders and victims. I am gonna just come out and say this to you all who might be wondering about why I chose this topic . I have a criminal back ground and I have struggled with mental health and addiction problems since I was a child. I dont feel any remorse at all for going shoplifting at my local Walmart i only took what I needed to stay alive and healthy. I became a professional booster there was a period in my life when i would push 3-4 shopping carts packed with merchandise that will never go to waste what i didnt consume i used for trading and donating to friends and family. I got caught 3 years ago right before christmas a undercover security guard felt that his duty to protect Walmart from losing a small portion of there profits was more important than my life or his own. I was grabbed from behind with no warning by a 300lb 6’4″ man and taken down very quickly overturning my cart full of food items in entrance he then put me in a head lock choking me for almost 15 minutes i was losing consciousness I was barely able to breath . I paniced i was so scared i thought i was gonna die I just wanted him to stop choking me. I remembered i had a unused syringe in my side pants pocket. I reached for the syringe and I attempted to yell out warning that if he doesn’t stop trying to kill me that i would stick him with the little syringe. I yelled out and blindly flailed my arm behind me towards the heavy beast of man that was taking his job way to far striking him in the arm . I thought that would of been a good enough reason for him to easy off of me a little bit but apparently that only made him more angry he choked me until i blacked out and got stabbed with a syringe over a cart of groceries . I was arrested and sent to the Correctional Center labeled as a medium to high risk. Violent Offender and sentenced to 6 months incarceration followed by a year of probation for Assault with a deadly weapon “Syringe”. Meanwhile the security guy gets labeled as a hero and a victim for catching another shoplifter. I would like to sue Walmart for how they mistreated me in that situation things could have been dealt without me being hurt and thrown in jail for stealing some food to eat. The whole system is just a big game if i come across someone in a store doing a 5 finger discount .I feel proud of him im on the bad guys side in these types of situations the thief sure isn’t causing the victim “Walmart” any Trauma and the food is not going to be wasted . In my opinion the whole criminal justice system needs to be completely overhauled to help the poor people who are down on there luck and doing what ever it is they need to eat get a little extra attention and maybe a helping hand to get off of the streets and educated about the disease of addiction and also be taught harm reduction.