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May 12, 2016 at 11:18 am

There are thousands of people being abducted worldwide and we’ll never know what happened to them. A few years back, I heard of the most shocking abduction story about a father who kept his daughter in the basement for many years  – His name is Joseph Frizl. He kidnapped his own daughter, Elizabeth at the age of 14 years old “to teach her a lesson”. Kept her in the basement and physically and sexually assaulted her until she bore 7 children; she was kept for 24 years and was only found out when she was already 42.

The mother did not bother looking for her because the father made Elizabeth write a letter stating she ran away with a cult and they should not look for her because she will not come back anymore.

Elizabeth’s dad, made a tunnel-like apartment in their basement to make room for Elizabeth and her children. They have a room, a toilet, a small kitchen and area for washing clothes. The children never knew there was a world outside and Elizabeth was so scared of her father she did not try to escape as she was warned by her father that if they touch the locks on the door they will get electrocuted.

One day, the older daughter of Elizabeth fell ill and she had to be taken to the hospital. Joseph Frizl had no choice or else the girl will die in the basement. So he took the girl to the hospital. Doctors were shock because of her lack of Vit. D (from the sun), she has no teeth, and her condition was a result of neglect. The doctors started asking Frizl about the mother. So, he had no choice but to let Elizabeth out of her prison.

It was a shocking story and until now I cannot believe that a man like that exist.