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September 12, 2016 at 12:23 pm

Teachers’ Day is well celebrated all over the world. This is to give tribute to the teacher who sacrifices himself to educate his students. He offers his selfless life for the education and for the bright future of the kids. He is considered the ¬†unsung hero of all time.

I still remember my elementary my class advisers from grade 1 to 6. The values they have taught me have made me of what I am today. My grade 1 class adviser, Mam Acot taught me how to be resourceful. My grade 2 class adviser, Mam Alano taught me to organize my work for efficiency. Mam Senador, my grade 3 class adviser taught me, to be honest, and be considerate with my classmates.

Mam Jalandoni, my grade 4 class adviser, taught me to be brave and to defend myself from the bully. Mam Gepilano, my grade 5 class adviser taught me to be neat and complete with my notes for ready references. And my grade 6 class adviser, Miss Garin taught me how to write effectively by being conscious with the grammar.

They were my class advisers in 1960 to 1966. They’re my unsung heroes.