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November 15, 2016 at 9:26 pm

it allows people to try to solve problems or conflicts without violence. It is a process of discussing issues. Sharing ideas, opinion to reach a concensus on issue with less stress. Many of us have no powers to negotiate. This is the reason why we have strikes, demonstration, protests, inter triabals wars, students unrest, fighting in the school and homes etc. Negotiation is a veritable instrument in maintaining peace, love and security. Negotiation involves consideration of the opinion and ideas of the both parties before a decision is taken. Before you take something that does not belong to you, you must negotiate. You must let the owner know that you want his articles, let him know why you want to have it. He/her would want to know how long you will use it and when you will return it. During negotiation, both of you will see the need of exchanging the iterms. It will be done in good fate and amicably.  When things are done through negotiation, there will be peace, love tranquility. Some youths are very hostile to their parents and others. This is because they assert their right wrongly. They are impatient. They lack negotiation power and initiative. They have neither value not self-esteem to protect. Negotiation should be a process with positive end result.