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November 18, 2016 at 8:36 pm

my school is a secondary crammer school. It is a mixed institution. It was founded by Mr. Collins over fifteen ago. It had been approved and grant-aided. Our able and dynamice principal is Mr. Basil Cooley, B.A ( Hons) M.A. London. We have Fifty four graduate tutors and over One hundred junior ones in my school of in those days in my school.

I have visited other schools but i have not seen a school which i could be compared with mine. The site of my school has no rival so far. We enjoy maximum satisfaction from the school equipments, and management of our school. Our laboratory’ cost over $700 dollars of those days. We have six pipe water ane eletric light in our school.

My school has not gone below eighty percent pass in the school certificate examination result. My school perform brilliantly in sports. We have very clever and experienced football players. We have beaten surrounding schools as well as other tough  teams our boys know how to beat their oppoenents and score goals scores goals. In future it is my sincere hope that my school will become the most popular in my state.

Can you tell any stories about shool and your school days how you where that time.

November 19, 2016 at 8:50 am

School is a factory of images that shapes images and molds images according to time needs all over the world. School day the days of joys and pleasure and school friendship may not be forgot at any cast because it is called childhood friendship bases on pure love and sincerity.

The school years are the best years of life. Not because it’s a carefree time in our life but because we have the greatest company by our side: our school friends. You laugh with them, share your first crush, do stupid things together and have a special bond which lasts a lifetime.

In school you had plenty of time to get to know each other and therefore developed a very strong bond with the close group of select friends. This in turn helped you to study and enjoy in a comfortable environment where you could thrive and learn.

Their parents are like second family to you. They know you and trust you like their own and you families turn to each other for career advice and dinner recipes.