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October 6, 2016 at 2:50 pm

I am a healthy vibrant woman of 72  years old. I am presently residing in the beuatiful village  Mtunzini in Kwa Zulu Natal , South Africa.

I grew up on a farm in Mapumalanga i close to the town of Ermelo.

My father died when I was 6 years old and my mother was the achor of the family after my  father’s untimely death.

We lived off the produce of the farm. Fresh fruit and vegetables, all organic.  Sheep, cattle, chickens, turkeys and Geese. All free range.  We had no health problems  and   my mother always assured that we had healthy guts.   As  children  we had a gut cleaning session every Saturday. Either Aloe juice,  epsom salts or Castor oil.  She also made sure that we consumed the good  live cultures through  sour milk.  The equivalent of Kefir  or Yoghurt without the stabilizers added to todays commercial yoghurts.

However. After I  matriculated, I moved to  the big city Pretoria for studies and work.  Then I started to pick up serious allergies. Ear problems, knee problems and skin problems.

This was the story of my life for the next  30 years.  Endless visits to doctors. Cortizone drops  in my ears, Cortzone and antibiotics for skin problems and Cortizone injections in my knees.  At  the age of 50  my body became  infested with Candida.   Candida where the bad yeast cultures  are out of control and take over  . It penetrates your gut and enters into your bloodstream.
I was at the verge of Suicide.!

26  years ago, few  medical practitioners  paid any attention to it. Through a homeopath, I was informed what it was all about.  I started  the Anti -Candida diet.  Then the Book about Blood type diet came on my path.

Well , I never looked back again.  I am living and eating according to my blood type. I am  the blood type A.   Very little acid in stomach to digest meat.  We are the  fresh produce and  legume eaters.  No Wheat, dairy or  sugar.

I have not been ill during the past 22 years. I have not been to a doctor and do not have any medical aid.  I am  now at 72 more healthy and vibrant, than during the  first 50 years of  my life.

I strongly recommend for everyone who wants to grow old healthily, to study their blood type and to take control of their own health.

The medical profession and Pharmaceutical  companies  rule peoples lives through treating results and not the cause.

And please all you young parents.  Please stop feeding your  children an overdose of sugar drinks, sweets  etc.  There are healthy alternatives if you grave something sweet.  Dried fruit, diluted  fruit juice , stewed fruit with added honey and cinnamon  on a buckwheat  flapjack.

Start your and your family,s journey to healthy living. A Healthy body breeds a healthy mind.

Good luck.