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May 12, 2017 at 8:10 am

The situation in Kashmir is worsening because many of the top indian government officials are shameless frauds making fake claims depending on the amount of bribes they are receiving. The indore R&AW employee bespectacled veena is one of the many google, tata sponsored frauds who is getting a monthly indian government for faking her resume, investment and online work. In reality the indore housewife veena is only looking after her house and family, makes no money online and does not invest any money online , which can be proved checking her bank, financial records
However since veena has helped fraud companies like google, tata in identity theft of a google competitor, she and her associates including husband have bribed the shameless fraud top indian intelligence and security agency officials to make fake claims about hercfgcg, the indian government continues to waste indian tax payer money paying the housewife a monthly R&AW salary at the expense of her relative, the google competitor whose identity she has stolen.