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May 10, 2017 at 8:50 am

In shocking case of exploitation of women domain investors in India, google, tata are allegedly involved in sex trade in goa, getting lucrative R&AW jobs for mediocre lazy greedy young women, sunaina, siddhi, if they offer sex services to top ntro,cbi, indian government employees who then abuse their powers to increase the profit of these companies. To destroy competition, google, tata have allegedly bribed top ntro, cbi , security agency employees to abuse their powers and make completely fake allegations without any proof at all, against a harmless single woman engineer, domain investor, google competitor, so that she would be put under surveillance since 2010, denying her the right to privacy and to earn a fair living.
The surveillance is then used to falsely claim that the goan sex workers sunaina, siddhi, lazy frauds are doing all the work online, investing money online, to get them R&AW jobs, though bank records will prove that these sex worker R&AW employees have never made any money online or invested any money online. Thus NTRO, CBI, security agency officials are offered sex bribes in goa, to put a google competitor under surveillance for more than 7 years, denying her her fundamental rights, causing great losses, in an open case of sex trade
Do you know of businesses offering women, sex to powerful government employees to get their work done?