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May 3, 2017 at 4:58 am

Google has a 95% share of the indian search market, because it is ruthless in destroying competition in India. It has allegedly bribed top indian intelligence and security agency employees to steal the retirement savings of a harmless google competitor without a court order or legally valid reasons, to waste time and cause great financial hardship. The indian government refuses to investigate the financial fraud of its employees who are getting a monthly indian government salary, yet are abusing their power to steal the hard earned money of harmless private citizens, to increase the profit of companies like google, though the google competitor has filed a police complaint. Filing a RTI has also not helped as the finance ministry refuses to acknowledge the fraud that is taking place.
Do government employees in your country also steal the savings of harmless innocent google competitors, link sellers without a court order or legally valid reason, to help google destroy competition?

May 3, 2017 at 10:42 am

I am sorry I can’t believe this and I don’t think all the Indian laws are sleeping to protect the fraud people. But there is a possibility they may be done that mistakes and fraud activities but they really filed complaints in respected departments definitely they got some help. Google is one of the biggest companies in all over the world and they are earning a huge money.

Why they need to destroy their competitor??

Why do they need to follow the cheapest fraud activities to beat the competitor??

I think it’s a wrong information passed by somebody who hates google and to spread the rumor among the users and investors. If they filed compliance in court, how it would be avoided? Something must have happened in between the frauds and to escape from the case they may be given the wrong information. If the news is true I don’t know how the small companies compete with the giant of the internet.

May 4, 2017 at 10:08 am

It is extremely difficult for an indian citizen to get justice if some powerful fraud indian intelligence and security agency, NTRO, CBI employee has committed a fraud on them, because india is one of the few democracies in the world, where the intelligence agencies are not accountable to the indian parliament. Google is a big company because it is extremely ruthless in destroying the reputation, finances and life of the competitors, there are a large number of websites who were selling text links, competing with google adwords and are now out of business. Most of these competitors are not complaining openly, however they have suffered great financial losses.
Outlook India also confirmed that google is bribing indian government employees to abuse their powers and destroy the life of their competitor. The mainstream indian media also does not carry the news of the google fraud, as google spends money on offline advertising. If some mistakes were made, google and the indian government employees who made the mistake should have compensated the victim financially and in other ways. The person who has made a mistake usually compensates the person who has suffered because of the mistake.
Since the indian government and google are not compensating the harmless indian citizen whose life they have destroyed, whose savings have been stolen without a court order, the victim has every right to continue telling people about the great injustice she has suffered so that others are not victims of google online fraud.