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January 5, 2017 at 10:19 pm

I had experienced a good service from a company last week. I tried to surf the net and wanted to buy something online. As I used my credit card, I wasn’t able to pay the item. The notification was indicated that I exceeded my limit to use the card. The best thing I could do is to report my concern directly to a bank. Unfortunately, the bank’s machine for a credit card is not working. I asked the people concern in the bank, but they cannot answer me back right away. I became impatient and feel so distressed with the situation. Thus I decided to go to another bank. A young lady, a staff of the bank gave her professional assistance and explained the reason why I failed to pay the items through online shopping. The recommendation was given right away. She claimed that I need to have another electronic code to access my credit card. It is a form of securing me using the credit card. It was a successful transaction. I was able to use my credit card with the security code given by her. Unluckily, I cannot give her a green button to show my appreciation of what she did during the process of fixing the credit card.

January 6, 2017 at 9:10 pm

Yes i did encounter some good services over the christmas period. I remwmber i went to do some shopping at a certain supermarket and i happened to have shopped quite a bit. My trolley was full after paying for my goods. Being alone i was just trying to figure out how i would wheel that trolley from the supermarket to the parking lot where i had ppacked my car. It was quite a task especially when you try to chriss cross inbetween people. So as i started wheeling it out some guy just appeared in front of me and asked me if he could help me out to my car. Apparently he was a worker at the aupermarket chain where i had just shopped. So i said i would really appreciate that. For him wheeling that trolley was not as hard as it looked. He quickly took over and asked me where i had packed before long we were at my car i opened the boot and he neatly arranged them in. I was so happy, if it were me i would have taken quite some time before getting there. That was a very good gesture and my appreciation was to give him a christmas tip which he was very greatful for.

January 7, 2017 at 7:07 am

I  do not which Bank you are talking about. Here, such services are rarely to be seen in India. Most of the Banks are afraid of giving suggestions or pieces of advice. They work efficiently but not with perfection. Sometimes, they land us in trouble and sometimes land themselves in trouble. Generally, they are scared of such bits of advice.

When I wanted to open a Paypal account and sought the advice of the Bank employee he invited attention to the BITCOIN SCAM that took place some years back and suggested me to be away from such activities.

Another interesting feature is that if you approach any bank for opening an online banking account, first he would discourage you explaining the troubles involved as he himself feel it difficult to make it a perfect one for you.

I can not blame them. But, it is only a few people who take interest in the organization and but their best for its survival. Any organization will survive as long as such people are encouraged to learn new things and put them into practice They all need good training and encouragement.