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December 8, 2016 at 8:12 am

As a professional astrologer, most of the prominent people of my country seek my advice in all important and complex matter and I give them the best solution keeping in mind all astro aspects. I talk to the religious men and these people are the symbols of religion all over the world but when I look at them in practical field they all tell a lie openly.

I think, they we all have lost faith in God and fear of God, and think other will die and we will not die is our wrong thinking because death is equal for all. We see daily people die and do not get any effect, neither we make goodness nor think in lone what we are doing and what we must do.

I am very upset pondering over the prevailing critical situation all over the world but I do not say that people are making goodness on earth but I say, we all must make goodness on earth just for the sake of God and goodness for our next life I mean after death.

Let us think about this in lone so that our next life could be better for ever. May God protect all men from evil and evil thoughts and people and evil doers.