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May 20, 2017 at 6:16 pm

Man, woman, gay, lesbian. Anyone in this world will surely be in love. No one can say that she/he doesn’t feel anything on his/her opposite sex. In this topic, marriage is just another way in building a greater friendship. You can know your lifetime partner inside and out but of course, there are things we cannot avoid to keep for yourself.

We can discover our usual incompatibilities as two persons will be united as one in marriage, neither that we cannot solve problems by just marrying but it creates its own new problems as the days goes by so instead of making it a habit of arguing, use it as a tool to create a wormhole that would have a greater use on which you can put your worries away by throwing it into that hole to avoid the breaking of relationship untimely.

In Ephesians 2;14, Jesus Christ is our PEACE. Peace just doesn’t define the unity between the couple but the unity they both create as a family with their kids or future kids.

In friendship, no one is bound by rules to keep or to follow but we are bound to keep each other peace and harmony. Most of us will say not everything is forever or some say marriage is not forever. Yes, for some reasons; other countries have accepted the gay-man relationship, gay-gay relationship, lesbian-lesbian relationship and they even got married which was not written in the Bible. We cannot judge them by what they feel but most importantly they are loving each other. It is really stated in the Book of life that only a man and a woman can be bind to marriage, not the other way around.

Marriage despite our indifferences makes us more lovable, caring and admiration can come across every time. Don’t think you are not to be in love. Be careful of your heart!

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