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Green Logistics – Supply chain management
November 15, 2014


What is green logistics?


As discussed in previous sessions, logistics is the movement of products, services and information throughout the supply chain with the help of interconnected and integrated management system.

Green logistics defines the methods or ways of minimizing the impact of logistics on our ecological systems. This method covers entire supply chain, that is, the forward and reverse flow of product, services and information from the point of initial to the point of consumption and vice versa, that is, reverse logistics. This will ultimately result in green supply chain management.


Now a day’s environmental changes, social and political demands are considered to play a vital role to force companies to focus more on the implementation and execution of Green logistics throughout their Supply chain.

Logistics has a strong interaction with Economy, Environment, Society and natural resources. If the logistic and supply chain strategies are designed in such a method focusing more on reducing fats than this will save help companies to generate more profit by reducing expenses.

More profit means more provision for investment. More investment mean more business, more employment and this will ultimately improve the whole Economy Cycle.

Reducing fats mean you are also saving natural resources, such as Water, gas, crude oil, etc. Hence, this will have a positive impact on the society and environment.

If Green Logistics is properly implemented then the benefits is not just for the company but it is for everyone.


Green Logistics - Green Supply chain management


Green Supply chain management


Green logistics is a method used in order to save the environment by the worst effects of logistic by taking following measures:

  • Reducing carbon footprints, which will automatically save unnecessary emission of carbon from vehicles.
  • Hence fuel will also be save and therefore protecting our natural resources.
  • Reduce the usage of paper, which will save the cutting of treas.
  • Save water and electricity.
  • Implement CSR (corporate social responsibility) as much as possible.

The above methods will surely help you in implementing green supply chain management.

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