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It’s a Girl Thing: Bodyform’s Goodnight Review
December 14, 2016
It's a girl thing: Bodyform's Goodnight Review_pads_comfortable_sweet smell_hygiene

Another it’s a girl thing post once more! So guys please don’t read. And if you do, don’t come to me and tell me you got offended. I warned you, right? I just thought that since I have been writing product reviews, it would be great to post something like this since it is something women always use – am I right?

One of the things I don’t like about relocating here in Ireland is the “change” I have to go through. Don’t get me wrong – of course, I knew there are changes when I decided to move away from my home country. But to me, there are just some changes that I think will be almost impossible for me to adapt to. Especially if the change is related to personal stuff such as personal hygiene. And well, the changes here are not just about food (which I love) but the items and products I use for personal hygiene.

I realized that people mostly use tampons for their periods here, which is not something I tried before (and I don’t have plans to try it in the future). There is just something about using tampons that sort of freaks me out. Maybe it is the idea of using a tube-like thing to catch my period or the idea that a small item is capable of handling my kind of flow? I don’t know but well, not my cup of tea, I guess!

It is not like they don’t have any “normal” pads available for periods over here. They do. There are some period pads available and since I posted about me having a strong-ish period (coupled with pain over here), I wanted to find a backup plan in case I ran out of my go-to brand that is unfortunately not available here (nor online!). So in my search for a suitable alternative, Bodyform caught my attention while walking the grocery aisle. They have lots of variant available in store and for this, I decided to try is Bodyform’s Goodnight.

To be honest, I was apprehensive to try this simply because of the “quick-dry” and scented feature. But no matter where I go (pharmacy, groceries, Amazon); it seems that it is another norm I have to get used to so I bought a pack. I decided to try it out on a not-so-strong day (maybe first or third) and was so surprised to see it paper thin! It was really long, though. Longer than Modess’ All Night but it was really thin it is hard for me to think how it can be enough for my second-day flow!

I am not too pleased with it because of the scented feature but really liked the length. I still use it sometimes but never tried using it for my second day period. I guess it is a good back up brand but will never be my first choice.

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    1. Me personally I’d rather wear pads instead of tampons. The doctor even tells you it’s not good for you. It can cause overian cancer,abnormal pats and just discomfort. I have worn tampons but I just the like how they feel it makes me uncomfortable. Yeah you feel clean wearing them but heck that I’ll choose a paid anyway. It’s more safer. You’ll be surprised if the woman that had to get tampons pulled out of them cause a simple mistake like forgetting to take one out before you put another one in ( yes this really happens) causing bad infections. I rout for padds. I lover wearing the long ones tho to be sure to keep myself right. You know what I mean ladies.and for the men reading you wouldn’t even understand. (Thanks for caring enough to read tho)

      • Wow, I never thought that wearing tampons can be that SCARY!!! I haven’t tried wearing it (not even once) since I have quite a heavy period so I am not sure how that small little thing can be enough to keep everything in (you know what I mean?!).

    2. I used tampons. They are not a problem. Buy the smallest one, insert, use it with a pad, just in case it is too small for your needs.


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