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Genetically Modified Foods; No Thanks
May 14, 2017

I was in the supermarket this morning.  They had just opened this new store and I, a long time customer came to visit.

I happened to be talking to the owner about lots of topics, as I was shopping.  I passed all the ‘pretty’ vegetables and went looking for the ones that seemed ‘handicapped’. The ones that were twisted or squished or lumpy, the kind that wouldn’t win the most beautiful tomato contest.

She had to laugh; “I do the same thing.”

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I don’t know why, but I’m afraid of genetically modified vegetables.   I’m sure if I did research they are not as bad as I fear… but when I see a tomato as big as a cantaloupe, or a sweet pepper bigger than both my fists together… no.

I saw a bag of carrots.  Every one of them was about one foot long and an inch and one half in diameter as if they were clones.   I didn’t touch them.  I picked out the ones that looked like they had suffered; bent, a little twisted, sort of lumpy.

Most of the vegetables we get from America are genetically modified.  Those we get here are usually natural with maybe some bat poo as fertiliser.

Maybe Genetically modified foods are safe, maybe healthy.  I don’t know.  But they don’t look right to me.  They don’t look like real food.  They look like the wax vegetables my mother had on the table as decoration.

I’m not used to these kinds of vegetables.   I have grown tomatos on a bush and they are like the size of ping pong balls.   I’ve pulled up cucumbers from the ground and each one is different.

When I see a pile of vegetables that all look the same I don’t get the feeling I’m looking at edible food.

I don’t know how you feel about it, but; I don’t want to eat them.


    1. I have no problem with genetically modified products like the agricultural crops. I believe the genes of the crops were altered just to become disease resistant and can grow to the desired size and weight it should be. I don’t believe it can affect our body because I believe the scientist won’t allow this to market if it does harm to our health.

      But I cannot blame those people who are afraid of consuming genetically modified foods.

      • I don’t trust any of this. Think of ‘healthy’ hydrogenated vegetable oil, virtually forced down our throats

    2. I am afraid of eating genetically-modified foods, too! It is better safe than sorry; so I prefer organically-grown or naturally-grown fruits and vegetables. I also grow some of my vegetables in our small garden. It is always nice to harvest from your own plants.

      • When I had land I did the same thing. Grow my own, and know what was used on them… I’m not comfortable with G.M.

    3. Organic and naturally grown foods are better but may be in some cases GM crops if properly checked and supervised without any wrongful method, could be useful for farmers as well as end consumers.

      • Oh yes. I go more by look… My veges need to look a little handicapped before I buy them.

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