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March 18, 2017
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Gardening is good for the health. The results of which, is also rewarding.

You should have the patience in doing gardening. It is like an experiment. It is a trial and error process.

Eventually, if you have the right attitude in this effort, you will have a beautiful front and back yard. You will also have fresh fruits and vegetables for your family to eat.

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It is not easy to start gardening.  It is also not a “clean” job to do.

You have to consider several factors when starting a garden.


Decide on what type of plant you want to grow. Are you the flowery type of person, the fruity one, or a vegetarian?

Choose plants that are suitable to the type of soil that is in your backyard. This is important because not all plants can thrive in just any soil there is. Each plant has its own type of personality.

If you have decided what type you are, then secure now the seeds of your choice.


It is much easier if you start to grow your seeds in a seed bed. That way you can see which seeds are the healthy ones and less insects to mess with the seeds. Ants can really uproot seeds if seeds are planted directly on the ground.


Plants, like people, need water to survive. Just sprinkle water on the seed bed. Don’t dose it with water.


Seed bed is not a permanent place for plants to grow. You have to transplant it to a bigger place or straight to the ground. When leaves are around 4 or more or if it is strong enough to be uprooted, then transplant them for them to have more room to grow.


Congratulations, if you have reached this part. No amount of money can equate the happiness and fulfillment of harvesting your own food.

    1. It is enjoyable to plant and see them grow; whether ornamental or for vegetables and other food purposes. You are right when you said that one can feel happy to harvest your own crop.

      • Thanks for your comment.

        For me, it really is an accomplishment to be able to harvest what I have labored for.

        I consider my garden as my office and the plants are my officemates hehehe

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